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Best Beginner Snowboard Boots 2017-18

This winter, you’ve decided to get into snowboarding – and wow, what a great decision you’re making. Snowboarding can be one of the most fun winter activities that you plan out for your year. It’s great for family and friends, young and old, and adrenaline fiends and Zen-seekers all the same. No matter your preference, one thing is for sure: You need a great pair of boots to start out your snowboarding journey in. The best beginner snowboard boots offer a well-rounded set of characteristics that will satisfy you for a number of different reasons from comfort to performance.

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It’s important to get the right boot so that you don’t come off the mountain after your day and Best Beginner Snowboard Bootsall you can think about is how sore your feet are. So, here’s a list of the best beginner snowboard boots on the web so that we can get you headed toward the mountain sooner rather than later.

What to Consider

When you go to purchase yourself some boots, there are a few characteristics that are important to remember. Taking care of these ideas will ensure that you get some of the best beginner snowboard boots for you and guarantee satisfaction with your latest piece of action sports footwear. Check out the following the ensure that you get just what you need for this winter.


  • Here, we’re thinking about more than just getting the right sized boot. Sure, the right size is key but snowboard boots can be much more finicky than a numerical assessment. When you are buying boots, they should be snug but not so tight that they are painful. Normally, boots stretch out after a few days of use so it is important to be able to put the boot on in the store and just barely be able to wiggle your toes. Additionally, feet come in all shapes and sizes and so do boots. The best beginner snowboard boots for you with be snug to your foot at every point and feel like they were made especially for you.


  • There is a range of stiffness for snowboard boots from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest. This is a matter of preference but, generally speaking, beginner riders will want to start with a softer flex. This makes the boot more forgiving and gives you a better feel towards your board and the snow. So, we are going to keep the boots on this list at or below 5.

Lacing System

  • There are three ways that manufacturers create their boots to be laced up. The first way is the traditional one with two laces looped across the top, bunny ears and a knot, the whole deal. It’s probably the slowest and most cumbersome way to lace up your boots considering that you will be wearing gloves. The second way is with a quick-pull system in which there is one continuous lace strapped through the boot with a cinch on top. All you do is pull the string tight and the clip holds it there. Third, there is the boa lacing system. It utilizes a crank to turn and all of a sudden, your boot is tight.

Best Beginner Snowboard Boots

Vans AuraBest Beginner Snowboard Boots

Vans brings their well-documented skate knowledge to this snowboarding boot to create a product that shapes up to be one of the best beginner snowboard boots around. The boot has been designed with Van’s Response Liner which give an awesome combination of precision and comfort for every kind of terrain.

Aura Highlights

  • Mid-flexing, all-mountain boot is perfect for all-year performance
  • Boa closure locks you in super fast and super secure
  • Internal web harness gives improved support and overall comfort
  • Thermo-molding liner gives you plushness with the perfect fit
  • EVA footbed defends against fatigue and cushions against slappy impacts
  • Lightweight outsole cuts down on weight and ensures a firm grip

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The footbed itself was also given plenty of attention and offers support and dampening in all of the right places. With these two liners, you are sure to get a nice fit. The flex on these boots scores at 3 out of 10, putting them on the lower end of the spectrum just like we were looking for. This means more board control, board feel, and a better chance at comfort during a long day on the mountain.

The Boa Focus closure also makes these boots desirable as the dual Boa system lets you tighten up the upper and lower part of the boot separately. Because of this, you can get a custom fit, no matter your preference. Looking at the whole package, this boot is a great option for you in your search for a new pair of boots.

Thirty Two STW BoaBest Beginner Snowboard Boots

32’s STW Boa snowboard boots are one of many of the company’s great products. Theses boots are built for ease and comfort from top to bottom. The supportive 3D molded tongue spreads out force to keep you working with happy feet.

What To Know


  • Comfort-focused boot for casual and new riders
  • Soft flex provides instant and all day comfort
  • Boa lacing provides a super fast and perfect fit
  • Heat-moldable Intuition liner gives you a custom fit
  • Level 1 footbed enhances warmth and support so you can focus on improving your skills
  • STI Evolution outsole is lightweight and cushy

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The STI Evolution Foam sole sends the momentum from impacts all throughout the foot for further comfort. And the STW Boa system lets you tighten up your boot just how you want it and oh, so easily.

The flex of these boots are next to as low as could be at 2 out of 10. This means tons of comfort, plenty of forgiveness, and ample board control during your next ride. At a low price of $200, there is a ton of value in these boots that you would be happy to bring to your newborn hobby. As such, these boots belong on our list of the best beginner snowboard boots – and on your feet.

Salomon Titan Quicklock 2017Best Beginner Snowboard Boots

Third, we have a boot from Salomon. This company has built up a reputation for creating high quality snowboard gear and grabbed our attention because of it. And we weren’t disappointed. The Titan Quicklock boots are awesome for beginners and offer everything a newbie would need.

Titan Features

  • Softer flex boots are more maneuverable at slow speed and more forgiving in general. This type of flex is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders as well as advanced rider who prefer a looser more skate like feel, for a freestyle practice.
  • Classic foam located in the sensitive areas of the foot.
  • Cushy and secure Bronze Series Liner are inspired by Salomon’s top-end liners.
  • A single locker on the tongue and an evenly distributed lace path ensures a full wrap and supportive feel for all day comfort all with one easy pull.
  • Full EVA D-Light Outsole is lightweight and ultra-low profile, with extra gridding under the heel for added comfort and dampening right where you need it.

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The flex on these boots are plenty low at 2 out of 10 on the flex scale. This adds up to a ton of maneuverability for easy learning with carving and jibbing. It also means adequate comfort to keep you from getting frustrated with stiff boots. The quick pull system also makes these boots convenient for beginners.

Tying your shoes may be the last thing you worry about in your days but being able to just pull and go up on the mountain takes one less thing off your mind when you’ve got your learner’s permit. Altogether, these boots are textbook for the newer rider (and transition into the perfect pair of freestyle boots once you become more skillful).

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Wrap Up

The one thing you must be able to do before learning to snowboard is trust your feet. And you just can’t do that in the wrong pair of boots. Here on our list, we have paid careful attention to finding boots that fit the profile for the beginner boarder. Great fits, lots of flex, and easy lacing. The Vans Aura brings skate style to snowboarding for the novice with its comfy liners and perfect flex. Thirty Two’s boot is yet another great option, especially for absorbing heavier moments in your learning curve. And Salomon is putting out the Titan with the learner in mind, creating a boot that speaks to ease and comfort. All told, the best thing you can do is get a pair of boots onto your feet so you can start out your newest – and most fun – activity in the best beginner snowboard boots available.



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