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Best Snowboard Boots 2017

Getting your snowy mitts on the right snowboard boots can change the way you ride. For most experienced riders, they will argue that their boots are just as important to their setup as their board. There is pretty much no replacement for creating a comfortable and effective environment around your feet. The coolest board in the world, after all, doesn’t directly go on your feet. So, to cover your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the best snowboard boots 2017 has to offer

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Best Snowboard Boots 2017

DC Men’s Scout

ThirtyTwo 86 FT

Deeluxe Empire TF

Vans Aura

Burton Driver X

Flow Aero Coiler

DC Travis Rice Pro

Adidas Samba

Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots

Vans Infuse

 K2 - Ender Snowboard Boots 2017

K2 Ender

We’ve got boots listed here that should be good for you under every circumstance and preference. There’s no replacement for finding a shoe in a store and physically trying it on but we think we can take care of the risk of buying online in a few ways. For one thing, most snowboard boots are moldable so you can achieve a level of comfort on the bottom of your foot that exceeds even your current footwear. So, if you get a pair of thermo-molded or heat molded boots, you are good to go. As far as sizing goes, it is really easy to find charts everywhere on the internet for how to size snowboarding boots. Again, easy comfort, as long as you do your research. While everyone is different, we hope that we can take some of the guesswork out of buying boots online here.

What to Consider

When it comes to buying the best snowboard boots 2017 will put on the market, there is plenty to discover as far as making the right choice for yourself. Perhaps the most important investment (other than your time) you are going to make in your snowboarding is in your boots so we want to make the right choice the first time. To do this, we have to think about a variety of factors. Some things that we must absolutely be certain that we love about our boots are found right here.

The first thing we need to look at is the stiffness of the boots we’re considering. Boot stiffness can be graded on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 1 being the least stiff and 10 being the most stiff). This is normally called the “flex” in snowboard boot terms. The flex of the boots is important because the rigidity of the boots can give an entirely different feel to your board and the way your riding responds to the snow beneath you. Check out some of our guidelines below.


  • Mid-Range for Beginners: Those new to snowboarding will want to buy a pair suitable for all-mountain riding. This is part because they don’t know what sort of boarding they will be getting into in the future as well as the fact that softer boots tend to be more forgiving. The more flexible the boots are, the better feel you will have. But we also want to have enough stiffness to get some of the advantages out of stiffer boots. So, we recommend going somewhere in the middle with your early choice.
  • All-Mountain Riders: This is the category that most riders fall into. If you are into everything from shredding pipes and parks to hitting trails and backcountry, you are an all-mountain rider. To handle every sort of terrain you will run into, middle of the road boots are more appropriate. Boots in the 5 to 6 range on the scale allow for the flexibility to attack every sort of terrain that you will find. It is notable that a stiffer boot will add some more speed to your game, though.
  • Freeriders: Those out in the backcountry are going to want stiff boots. Fact. This is because the rigidness of the boot will help to create power for better turns and higher precision. You also get to go faster in a stiffer boot.
  • Freestylers: Those who like to cut up the parks are going to want to get into some softer boots. A softer boot will give you more feel, quicker response, and higher maneuverability. You may recognize all three of these things as very important to honing your craft. So, more flexible boots are usually what freestyle fans go for.


We need to check in on the liners of our boots. These are going to be what allow our foot to fit to our boot. The three types of liners are:

  • Non-moldable: Boots with non-moldable liners are – well, non-moldable. They fit how they fit and won’t shape to your foot. You might get lucky after months of wearing them and the weight of your body on the sole could change their shape somewhat but, generally speaking, these liners won’t form around your foot. The way you buy them on day one is how they will fit you.
  • Thermoformable: A creative way to form your boots has been brought to the table with the use of materials that become moldable simply from the heat of your foot. When you first put your foot in the boot, it will begin the process of shaping. As your foot warms up the boot, the materials that make the sole will warm up and become malleable. And since your foot is weighing down on the sole, you now have a custom fit to your very own foot! Technology, man! It’s like the best snowboard boots 2017 just came from space.
  • Custom Moldable: The third option is to get custom moldable boots. These are boots that you can head into your local snowboard shop with and have the shop help you with their tools. They will heat up your boot so that the material that the sole is made of becomes bendable and let you shove your foot in so that the liner cools down and forms to your foot.


We want to make sure that the lacing system that the boot has is satisfactory. There are three types of lacing you will find on snowboard boots and they are all designed for convenience:

  • Traditional – These boots are just like mom used to make. Just like a shoe, your boot has a tongue, rings for the shoelace to feed through, and the shoelace itself. As long as you know how to tie your shoes, you know how to tie your snowboard boots.
  • Quick-pull – This lacing system feels a lot like a traditional set up but is a ton easier. Instead of having to tie a knot, you just pull the strings and let the clamp hold it tight. Boom, a perfect tight, every time.
  • Boa – Last, there is the boa system. Boas can have either one or two twisty dials that are used to tighten the boot by turning the knob. A one dial system will tighten up the whole boot at once while a boot with two will tighten the boot tongue with one dial and the actual foot area with another. This system can give a custom boot an even more custom fit.


Another consideration that we shouldn’t forget is that we want boots that look sweet! Sure, having all of the right characteristics you were looking for is all well and good but if you don’t like the look, what good are they?! The ladies have to love your fashion just as much as your flow. True, when you are riding, most of your boot will be covered up by your bindings, but you can’t argue that you won’t be walking around the lodge and other places in your boots a bit. So, might as well get some that look just as well as they function.

Best Snowboard Boots 2017

Alright, enough of the small talk. Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s dive into the specifics of the Best Snowboard Boots 2017.

DC Men’s Scout Snowboarding Boots

The first entry on our list comes from DC. DC is a leader in footwear for action sports from snowboarding to skateboarding to dirt biking. Their reputation for creating quality shoes and boots is a strong one, earning them a position as a market leader in this product category. DC snowboarding boots, in particular, are some of the best that you’ll find and it is no small wonder that DC has a product on our list for the Best Snowboard Boots 2017.

Grab the DC Scout Here

Scout Highlights

  • Textile/Synthetic
  • Boa H3 Coiler Closure System
  • Foundation UniLite Outsole
  • Red Liner
  • Snow Basic Insole

This model, the Men’s Scout, is a great combination of quality and value that any snowboarder would love. These boots use a boa closure so that they are easy to dial in for comfort – and fast. To add even more comfort to the mix, these boots use DC’s special Unilite Foundation outsole for outstanding performance without impeding on coziness.

The red liner and snow basic insole, combined with all of the other materials of the boot, give it a 6 out of 10 flex rating, making it a quality all-mountain, all-season contender for the best snowboard boots 2017 can offer. To add to the value factor of these boots, they are priced at $180 on DC’s site (but might be found for less elsewhere). This puts them at another level for value, considering how usable they are for all sorts of situations.

ThirtyTwo 86 FT Snowboard Boot

ThirtyTwo is a relatively smaller snowboarding brand – but this definitely does not mean it is less worthy of a strong reputation. ThirtyTwo prides itself on creating boots that are by riders, for riders. They let it be known that their pros are integral to every years’ improvements of their products. And it shows.

Looking at a ThirtyTwo boot, you’ll notice that things are very simple. No extra straps, no bells, no whistles, no bulky designs. Just a great, functional boot. This serves a lot of good purposes but one of those stands out among the rest: Less production costs mean you save money. ThirtyTwo boots can be found for nearly half the price of comparable boots from other manufacturers without sacrificing quality.

See the 86 FT on

86 FT Features

  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Not Applicable
  • Rubber sole
  • 100 percent heat moldable intuition foam for personal custom fit
  • Dual density intuition foam for comfort warmth and support
  • Internal anatomical foam overlays for optimal heel hold

So, for this particular ThirtyTwo model, we can notice a lot of things that make it awesome (beyond the low, low $100 price point). These boots are great for park riding since they score a 3 out of 10 on the flex scale, making them maneuverable and high on feel. You’ll appreciate this feel from the first time you lock into a grind to the last time you set yourself down on a landing. They are also easy to put on and take off since they employ a quick-pull system to lace up. Less time messing with your boots, more time tricking down the mountain. And to add to the comfort that these boots afford, you’ll notice that they have a heat moldable liner for increased customization. You can really make these boots your own and have insane feel around your park. Stay buttery in these best snowboard boots 2017 style.

Deeluxe Empire TF Snowboarding Boots

These new and improved boots come from Deeluxe – who have a real history with innovation in the snowboarding boots category. In fact, they were the first to do a lot of interesting things with snowboard boots. Deeluxe was the first to put thermo-moldable liners in snowboard boots, something that many companies since have started doing.

They were also the first to add their own TPS Shields onto their boots, another simple yet sophisticated technology that stepped up the snowboarding boot game. Clearly, Deeluxe takes pride in staying on the cutting edge with their products and deserves our attention for the best snowboard boots 2017 has.

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Empire TF Details

  • Versatile big-mountain boot handles cliffs to kickers
  • Speed lacing lets you adjust different zones of boot
  • Heat-moldable liner conforms to your foot
  • Waterproof construction keeps your feet dry
  • Asymmetric flex allows more natural and comfy movement
  • TPS shields (sold separately) let you adjust flex
  • Dupont Surlyn highback enhances support and response
  • Remedy outsole is extremely grippy and accepts crampons

The Empire PF Snowboard Boots 2017 are sweet – long story, short. These boots are a great fit for every type of riding that you can find out on the mountain (perfect for building your own…empire) despite the fact that they are a stiffer boot. They are rated at 7 out of 10 but have features built into them that make it so that this stiffness can play everywhere. The Asymmetrical Flex design of the boot makes it so that the boot is comfortable while providing huge functionality. The liner is also as versatile as needed, being a Performance Liner designed for enhanced transmission of force. The lacing system is sort of a hybrid of traditional and boa because it uses the old-fashioned shoelace to tighten the boot up but has an interesting set up to adjust how the laces tighten to your foot. Altogether, this boot is nothing short of amazing and deserves to be on any lineup of the best snowboard boots 2017.

Vans Aura Snowboard Boots

Vans: the stuff of legends in skateboarding. We all know about Vans place in skateboarding lore – but have we tested out their snowboard boots acumen? Well, to us, it’s seeming about high time we gave them a go. Looking at their boots, it is clear that they are importing some of their skating knowledge into their snowboarding game to create some pretty sweet boots.

To speak for this, we can point to several characteristics of their Aura boot design. The insole is made of UltraCush Lite Footbed material, much like Vans has been putting into many of their skate shoes. Additionally, the outsole of the shoe is reminiscent of their skate shoes with the ClassicLite outsole and waffle pattern. But the innovation does not stop there. In fact, there are many interesting design characteristics of these boots from the flex zones on the insteps to the heat-moldable TriFit-X Liner.

Buy the Vans Aura Here

Aura Highlights

  • Premium Materials
  • Pleasure Cuff
  • New Reach Around
  • Tongue Lock Down
  • New Thermal Heat Retention Layer

Another feature to make a special note of the Custom Slide Guide that lets you adjust your boot to fit your foot along the instep exactly how you want to. Talk about comfort. On the flex scale, these boots are a 5 out of 10, making them applicable for any situation that you may come across on the mountain. They, too, have a dual knob boa system that brings you extra fitting customization for even more comfort. All told, it looks like these Vans are an awesome choice for the best snowboard boots 2017 has out on the market.

Burton Driver X Snowboard Boots

Classic Burton. If you know snowboarding, you know Burton. They were pioneers in snowboarding and have aided in the growth of the sport since 1977. Burton loves innovation just about as much as it loves snowboarding and has a built a huge reputation over the years for being one of the best brands for snowboarding gear anywhere. It’s no wonder they have made it into the best snowboard boots 2017 article that we have created here.

See All the Details on the Driver X on

Driver X Features

  • Lacing Speed Zone Lacing System
  • Flex / Response 1:1 PowerUP Plus Tongue
  • Comfort Total Construction with snow-proof internal gusset, and  Aegis antimicrobial coating
  • Liner Imprint 3x Liner with a heat cycle lining, and Tuff Cuff
  • Cushioning rubber ice spikes,  sleeping bag reflective foil
  • Level 2 Molded EVA Footbed
  • Vibram EcoStep Rubber Outsole Desig
  • Burton 1-Year Warranty

The Driver X for 2017 is strictly built for the speed demon in you. They have a full 10 out of 10 flex rating, providing the stiffest flex that boots can offer. This means that they are great for creating control and power, even at high speeds. They have a quick-pull lacing system so that you can get a nice tight fit without sacrificing comfort. Accordingly, these boots are built for a certain type of rider – speed demons that need control. This profile fits for the freeriders among us who need stiff boots to keep command beneath their feet. But be careful to mind the fact that these boots are super comfortable despite their stiffness. Burton took their time refining this particular boot model to make sure that comfort was not sacrificed in the development of their stiffness. Therefore, these are some of the best snowboard boot 2017 has to offer for nice, long backcountry sessions that call for plenty stiffness and comfort.

Flow Aero Coiler Boa Snowboard Boots

Flow is a company that provides all sorts of snowboarding gear. From boards to lifestyle gear, Flow has you covered. And their boots are exceptional. Having recently celebrated their 20 year anniversary last year, their track record of excellence speaks for itself. It’s hard to stay in business for 20 years if you are making poor products, right? Well, thank goodness, Flow has some of the best snowboard boots 2017 has released to date and we’d say it is smart to give them a go.

See the Aero Coiler Here

Aero Coiler Details

  • Boa® H3-Coiler Closure System
  • B.F.T. Free-Track Outsole
  • Molded EVA Insole
  • 2-Feather Lacing-Liner
  • Support Rating: 4 (1 = softest/forgiving and 10 = most supportive/responsive in the Flow line)

These boots are exquisite for both those new to snowboarding and for seasoned riders who love a softer fitting boot. The flex rating on these boots sits at a 4 out of 10, perfect for getting into some trickeration in parks and pipes. With these softer boots, you’ll be comfortable all day for a long session out on the mountain. The liner in these boots only adds to the comforting sensation and this gets taken to another level through the Boa Coiler Closure System. Quick, easy, custom comfort as easy as turning a dial. Altogether, these may be the most comfortable boots on our list for the Best Snowboard Boots 2017 and make for a beautiful, cushioned ride down the mountain.

DC Travis Rice Boa Snowboard Boots

Would you look at that? It’s DC again. It’s almost like…They’re really good at making snowboard boots. Oh, wait, they are! And these are brought to us from DC Team Member Travis Rice. He’s a professional snowboarder that DC loves having on their team – and you would be sure to love his boots as they are some of the best snowboard boots 2017 has put out so far.

Buy the Travis Rice Pro Here

Travis Rice Pro Features

  • leather-and-nubuck
  • Boa focus closure system with H3 coiler reel
  • Asymmetrical anti-drag outsole. Black SE liner
  • Impact-S insole. Internal ankle harness
  • Articulated construction. Aerotech ventilation system
  • Storm flap. Superfabric

Again, we’ve got a boot made for freeriding. These boots are stiff enough to score a 9 out of 10 on the flex scale and offer a responsive feel that Rice has come to love over his years of snowboarding. The sole was actually designed by the mind of Travis Rice and is DC’s newest outsole. It has an asymmetrical design that makes it awesome for getting tight controlled turns with reduced toe and heel drag. This means your descents will be catch free, even on the steepest of terrain. The lacing system is a Boa Focus Closure with H3 Coiler, perfect for dialing in a flawless amount of support and flex for your preferences. The liner in the boot makes them comfortable being a combination of EVA memory foam and heat moldable foam. This gives you a fit custom to your own foot. And on top of all of this, they look awesome. Safe to say, Travis Rice knows his stuff when it comes to the best snowboard boots 2017 is going to put out so these are going to make it on our list.

Adidas Samba Snowboard Boots

Here’s a brand you maybe weren’t expecting to see on this list: Adidas. We know – a bit off the usual path here. But stay with us because these appear to be some of the best snowboard boots 2017 has presented us with. Like Vans, it looks like Adidas has taken some of their ideas from the skate shoes and integrated them into their snowboarding boot designs – and succeeded. In fact, the last time we looked, these boots were sold out and had extremely high reviews from tons of customers. It looks like we should take a look for ourselves as to why these boots are so highly sought after.

Grab the Sambas on Amazon

Samba Highlights

  • Synthetic upper with the iconic serrated 3-Stripes
  • Traditional Samba indoor soccer shoe lacing
  • 3D injection-molded tongue wraps your leg for a better fit and more responsive, longer-lasting flex than a traditional stitched tongue
  • Cushioning midsole
  • Sturdy Continental Rubber outsole for optimal grip on snow and ice

First of all, these boots look cool. They take the classic Adidas three stripe shoe and turn them straight into a snowboard boot. It almost looks like you are wearing an oversized pair of skate shoes. As far as the actual function of the boot, things keep looking up. The design of these boots are clearly made for those looking for an all-around fit as they score a 5 out of 10 on the flex scale. The 3D Injection Molded Tongue wraps around your whole shin for an awesome fit and a responsive, long lasting flex that works way better than a traditional tongue. The liner is heat moldable so you can head into a shop and get a custom fit that will make the boot feel far more comfortable for you and get you even more responsiveness. The lacing is traditional so you may have to work a little harder than usual to get a tight fit here than other boots. But both the insole and outsole are built for stiffness to make up for this. So, with all of this in mind, it looks like Adidas has made a serious contender for one of the best of the best of best snowboard boots 2017 models.

Vans Infuse Snowboard BootVans Infuse Snowboard Boots

Here comes Vans with some more innovation. Vans and their history in skateboarding is common knowledge. But it looks like Vans is stepping up their presence in the snowboarding game, too.  The Vans Infuse is a very interesting product that could easily be a top contender for your next boot. It provides a unique amount of versatility that you may not be able to find in a different pair of snowboarding boots. This makes them not only some of the best snowboard boots 2017 but some of the most innovative snowboard boots 2017.

Get All the Details on the Infuse Here

Infuse Details

  • Custom Liner
  • V-Cork Footbed
  • V-Hex Outsole
  • Vans Flex Control
  • Waterproof Breathable Valves
  • Vans Hybrid Plus Boa Closure with Custom Slide Guide
  • Flex Rating: 5-9

So, what makes these boots so different? Well, their flex rating can be anywhere from 5 to 9. We know what you’re thinking – “But, how?” The boots are designed with a Hybrid Plus system exclusive to this particular pair of boots that can give them different characteristics based on what you are going for. The Boa dial on the side of the boot controls a wire across the front that tightens for monster support or unwinds for more flexibility. Additionally, there are pockets in the tongue where two plastic bars can be put in for even more support, upping the ante for when you feel like it. Because of this system, you can get the right amount of support and comfort that you are looking for – no matter the occasion. This makes the Vans Infuse 2017 some of the best snowboard boots 2017.

K2 Ender Snowboard BootsK2 - Ender Snowboard Boots 2017

From the minds at K2 comes a great pair of freestyle boots. K2 has been on the cutting edge of snowboarding ever since the sport took off in the 80s. Their continued pursuit of greatness has kept them in the top 5 of board manufacturers for the past few decades and earned them sponsorships from some great pros, including Gretchen Bleiler. But their commitment to excellence isn’t just about boards. Their boots are included in their find list of products and we’ve got some right here on our list of the Best Snowboard Boots 2017.

These high performance, high quality boots are a freestyler’s dream. They were designed with comfort, ease, and low weight in mind. Their flex rating is 4 out of 10, making them nice and feel-happy for the park. Their Endo 2.0 construction makes them lightweight, giving you a better opportunity at agility throughout your run.

The boot uses a combination traditional and boa system so that you can lace up for an average fit but really nail down the appropriate level of stiffness that you are looking for with the boa dial. Both the insole and outsole are made with K2’s lightweight yet durable materials for a tough boot that will last you season after season. Overall, this is one of the best snowboard boots 2017 as far as freestyle goes and a deserved competitor for your precious dollar bills.

Wrap Up

So, what have we learned? That snowboard boots come in many shapes and sizes? Yes. And that they can normally be customized for your foot? Yes. And that they come in different flexibilities for different types of riding? Yes. And that you can strap them on in a variety of ways, depending on your own preferences? Yes. And, most importantly, that you need some new ones and you need them now?! Yes! That’s like – 5 things we learned in one article!

Well, the best snowboard boots 2017 are just waiting to slip onto your feet for a brand new season. As long as you pay attention to the flex, liner, and lacing system that the boots have, you are sure to find a great pair of boots for yourself. Since a great pair of boots can make a huge difference in how you ride, you might be able to change your riding for the better simply by getting a new pair of boots and the best snowboard boots 2017 has are a great place to start. All that’s left to do is put some on to find out if they are the perfectly right fit for you. Go out and get yourself some today.







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