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Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio

Let’s face it, if you’re out there sending it you’re probably rocking a helmet.  If you’re not… you should be.  I’ll admit that I haven’t always worn a lid when I was out riding but after seeing buddies take nasty headers over the years I’ve become a big advocate.  Plus, once you get your head protected you can send even harder and that’s why we’ve come up with the best snowboarding helmets with audio, so you can get out there and get after it all with your tunes going.

Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio

Giro Surface-S

What to Look For


When you’re looking for the best snowboarding helmets with audio there are a few things that will make the good ones stand out from the crowd.  First of all, fit is a super crucial part of any helmet and with audio snowboard helmets a good fit can give you better sound quality.


When it comes to audio helmets there are a couple different styles of shell design.  The first, half shell, is the typical helmet design that you’re used to seeing at your home mountain, the outer shell sits above the ear line with the soft inner lining covering lower.

The next style is a full shell that has a hard exterior shell that comes down the jaw line over the ears.  These are seen less frequently and not quite as popular as the old standby of the half shell.


It would seem obvious that when you’re considering which snowboarding helmet has the best audio that you’re interested in the performance of the speakers.  The ones that made our list of the best snowboarding helmets with audio truly do have good sound quality and can provide you with not only safety but a high level of audio fidelity.

So now that we’ve covered a little bit about what the key points of the audio snowboard helmets are let’s jump in and take a close look at the helmets that made out list and why we’re stoked on them.

Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio – Winner

K2 Phase Pro Helmet

Best Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with Audio

The first helmet up on our list of the Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio is the Phase Pro Helmet from K2.  This one took the lead spot simply due to the fact that audio is already installed and ready to go.  With K2’s Baseline Audio System you can quick connect to your device and be ready to rock.  While all of the helmets on the list are good at protecting your dome piece all but Phase Pro and the Receptor Bug require that you purchase additional audio equipment.

K2 Baseline Audio

The K2 Baseline Audio system fluidly connects with your cell phone or other player so you can hit the music as soon as you hit the hill. The Phase Pro comes with Baseline Audio ear pads already installed. The speaker housing is well designed to be as unobtrusive as possible so you won’t notice the speakers unless the music is playing.

If you don’t want to ride with the speakers in they can be removed from the earpads really easily. The Phase Pro comes with a detachable cord that can be used for controlling pause/play and answer/hang-up functions, now you can have all the functionality of your device without having to dig around or take off your gloves.

We have seen reports that some people aren’t stoked on the AUX cord and that sometimes the functions can be a little wonky depending on the device you’re connecting to.

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Full of TechBest Snowboarding Helmets with Audio

The Phase Pro is all set up to keep you safe with it’s huge list of features that are designed to maximize comfort and safety.


K2 Hard-Shell helmets are built to last and stay looking good regardless of how many times they go in and out of your gear bag (or trees they bounce off of). These helmets will protect you from impact thanks to the lightweight EPS foam that’s bonded to a durable outer ABS shell.

Full-Wrap Liner

The washable liner that’s used in the Phase Pro securely wraps your head and helps create the awesome fit that K2 is known for. The liner is made with a crown mesh that wicks sweat and vents super well so now matter how hard you’re riding you’re going to stay comfortable. The liner has an integrated fit system that can be customized to your head and K2’s Baseline Audio, giving you the best of both fit and form and function. There are no gaps in the liner so you get a superior performing liner.

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Active Matrix Venting

Active Matrix Venting in K2’s Phase Pro gives you the option to regulate the airflow of the helmet. The Phase Pro has large vents that are super easy to operate with one hand.  So whether you’re on the lift, the bootpack or the traverse you can manage how much ventilation you’re getting

K2dialed Fit System

The Phase Pro has an adjustable fit system that lets you customize exactly how your helmet sits on your head. With the adjustment knob you have the option for three-dimensional fit customization so you can dial in the perfect fit.

Best Snowboarding Helmets with AudioPhase Pro Highlights

  • Weight: 490g
  • Features: Active Matrix Ventilation, K2Dialed™ Fit System, Washable Full-Wrap Liner System, Tool free removable goggle strap, Level 3 Baseline Audio System
  • Audio Option: Baseline Audio
  • Fit System: K2Dialed
  • Venting: Active vents
  • Helmet Construction: Hardshell
  • Helmet Liner: Full-Wrap
  • Colors: Black/Red, White, Blackout, Blue, Gray, Moss


Smith Optics Holt Helmet

Best Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with Audio

Next up on our list of the best snowboarding helmets with audio is the Holt from Smith.  Smith is another name that has been around the snow scene for some time now and knows what it takes to make great gear.

If you’re looking for a helmet that can crush it in the park in the winter and skate park in the summer then the Holt has got you covered.  The low profile design is unobtrusive and with the 4 vents, keeping your temp regulated is no problem.  The outer is made up of an ABS plastic shell and with the Convertible Pad Kit you can remove the ear flaps and go into warm weather mode.

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VentilationBest Snowboarding Helmets with Audio

The Holt comes with a dual regulator ventilation system.  This handy little feature allows for you to independently control the front and rear sections so you can keep warm air venting and exhausting it through rear vents.  This lets you keep the front end sealed for warmth and rear open for air flow. 

The Holt also comes with Smith’s AirEvac system which creates tons of free flowing air and helps keep fog to a minimum via air channels built into helmet. The Smith Holt helmet is awesome at keeping your head dry and goggles clear

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The Holt doesn’t come with audio already installed, rather it’s SkullCandy ready right out of the box.  Just throw your speakers in, queue up the tunes, hit the slopes and you’re set.

What we really liked is the versatility of the Holt and how it can be a 1 quiver helmet.  Having 1 helmet that can do it all is pretty nice.  A word to wise, the Holt runs big and you should consider ordering a size down, especially if you’re looking for a 4 season helmet. With the pads removed there’s even more room.

Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio Smith Holt Highlights

  • 4 Vents
  • Airflow Climate Control
  • Bombshell Construction
  • Bombshell Ear Pads
  • Removable Goggle Lock
  • AirEvac Ventilation
  • Outdoor Tech CHIPS Audio Systems Available
  • All-Season Use
  • WEIGHT: 19 OZ / 550 GRAMS

Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet

Best Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with AudioBest Snowboarding Helmets with Audio

This is my personal helmet and I’ve been wearing it for 3 seasons now.  The Surface has performed great and looks great too.  The ear pads can accept Giro’s TuneUps audio system and perform really well in all the conditions that we’ve had them in.Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio  I’m stoked that I can recommend my own helmet on the Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio list.

See More Details on Amazon

The one drawback that I and others have noticed is that the venting system almost vents too well.  On really cold or windy days your head will be subjected to a lot of airflow.  I wear a Buff under mine as I shave my head and even on the nice days it gets cold with nothing underneath.

What I do really like is that it’s super comfortable and it’s very reasonably priced.  I got mine on deal at a recreational equipment store and for the $40 I paid for it I’m very impressed.  After 3 seasons on it the foam liner has come unattached to the EPS shell, not a huge deal but I’ll be looking for a new lid for this season.

Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio

Tech Specs

  • Material – ABS Hard Shell
  • Adjustable Vents
  • Fit Adjustment – In Form system, Super Fit System
  • Certifications – ASTM F2040, CE EN1077
  • Manufacturer Warranty – 1 year

Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio – Runner Up

POC Receptor BUG Communication Ski HelmetBest Snowboarding Helmets with Audio

The final helmet on our list of the Best Snowboard Helmets with Audio is the POC Receptor BUG Communication helmet.  like the Phase Pro the BUG comes with an audio system pre-installed.  The audio that comes with this helmet isn’t run of the mill either, POC has opted for Beats by Dre making sure that you’ve got great sound quality while you’re out riding.

Audio Highlights

With a remote control, and compatible with most smart phones, you can take calls, switch tunes and adjust volume right from the cord saving yourself the hassle of taking your gloves off.

See More Details and Buy on Amazon

The helmet has a bomber ABS shell and a super sturdy  polycarbonate liner. POC’s patented Ventilation Double Shell Anti-Penetration System (VDSAP) system has two overlapping shells that protects you from sharp objects, while giving you the ventilation that you need. The VDSAP can be closed for colder days so your head won’t freeze.

Receptor BUG Highlights

  • Powerful Beats by Dre speakers and microphone
  • Ventilated Double Shell Anti-Penetration system (VDSAP)
  • EPS liner
  • Smartphone compatible cord control and hands free control
  • Detachable goggle clip
  • Bankers Brim included
  • Matte finish so you look cool

Boom! There you go! 4 great options for when you’re looking for the best snowboarding helmets with audio.  These helmets perform great, look sick, and can pump up the jams while you’re out shredding.  1 helmet won’t work for everyone so try some on and find out which one works with your head shape and riding style.

See you out there!


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