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The Best Time To Visit Andaman For Scuba Diving

The Andaman Islands are a huge attraction for tourists, and one of the best places to go scuba diving. The coral reefs and coastal waters that surround the Andaman Islands are not only beautiful, but is also extremely rare considering the fact that it is completely undamaged and nearly untouched by human activity. With it’s intense beauty and magnetic draw for underwater adventure we decided to come up with the best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving so you can make the

most of your trip.


The Andaman Islands have very clear water making for easy underwater viewing and as such it’s a huge draw for scuba. Many visitors make choose to make their visit to the Andaman’s a bit of a photo safari due to the immense natural beauty of the area.

What Makes the Andaman Islands Unique

With many of the islands throughout the Andaman’s being surrounded by reef fringes that are often only separated from the shore by a small lagoon make this area a slice of scuba diving heaven.

Situated in the middle of Bengal Bay, more than 100 kilometers off the east coast, the Andaman Islands have great weather year round and are known for having some of the world’s best beaches. The waters around the islands are completely clear, full of beautiful, harmless fish, and they’re perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.


The fish are incredibly colorful and travel in large schools, that way, you often find yourself peacefully swimming right through them. While at the bottom of the ocean, don’t be surprised if you come across pieces of history as well.

According to Andaman Island reports, many scuba divers come across pieces or remains of sunken ships. This is because the water is so clear, and divers can see extremely far down.

The Andaman’s are a part of India’s Nicobar Island territory and with 572 total islands in the Andaman Group this region of the Indian Ocean is a scuba diver’s paradise. Even though only three dozen are these islands are inhabited, there is still a population of over 300,000 people and more than 800 miles of beautiful Indian Ocean water.

Wildlife on the Andaman Islands

In addition to being a great vacation spot for snorkelers and scuba divers, the Andaman islands also have an amazing wildlife. Many rare bird species can be found in the Andaman Islands such as wood-pigeons, cuckoo doves, hawk-owls, white-headed starling, crakes, and drongos.

There is also a plethora of endemic reptiles and amphibians including toads, frogs, saltwater crocodiles, etc. This is a huge benefit for any scuba divers looking to do some sightseeing on their vacation, and also makes for some really great pictures.

Best Month to Visit Andaman

Whether you are a scuba diver, snorkeler, or tourist, the best month to visit the Andaman Islands vary in terms of what you are trying to do there. During the winter months from October until March is definitely the nicest weather with temps in the 60°F – 90°F range. While July through September are still great weather-wise there tends to be frequent rainfall and a lot of wind due to the monsoons that often occur.

Summers April to June 25°c – 35°c
Monsoon July to Sep 22°c – 32°c
Winter October to March 20°c – 34°c

February is when the nice weather starts to show up, the sun starts to come out, the clouds begin to clear, and the waters begin to calm down making a surefire bet for the best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving. While mornings tend to be sunny and nights tend to be cool late in the year, February features great weather 24 hours a day.

Since monsoons usually show up around June and can last until late September, few divers prefer to show up mid-year. Even though diving used to be prohibited at this time of year, scuba divers and snorkelers are now allowed to dive during monsoon season as long as the weather isn’t horrific. Essentially, they just need to make sure and prepare themselves for heavy winds, heavy rainfall, rough waters, extremely windy dives, and difficult underwater viewing.

It is highly recommended that any monsoon season divers check the weather each day and make sure they are not putting themselves at risk.

The Best Time To Visit Andaman For Scuba Diving

The best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving is between February and March. These months feature amazingly clear under water marine life views, very calm waters, and perfect wind-free weather.

Diving in rough water can be dangerous and the chop can stir up a lot of sediment and sand making viewing wildlife a lot more difficult.  The best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving is during the time of year when the weather is perfect and the waters are calm.

Since scuba diving starts right after the monsoons are over most often times, the waters are usually very calm, clear, and flat. Additionally, the sun comes out more and keeps scuba divers warm all throughout the day.

After March however, the weather starts to get even warmer and continues to pick up until May. While this is great news for travelers, snorkelers and scuba divers are at risk for a serious sunburn (if out on the water all day) and usually prefer not to dive after March.

Due to the fact that February and March tend to be the best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving, some choose to scuba dive and snorkel in early November. While some clouds may still be present and the water is not quite as clear as it is early in the year, November is still a great time to scuba dive.

During the monsoon seasons, few divers visit due to the intense winds, limited under-water visibility, strong wavy currents, and above average amount of rain.

The Pros and Cons of the Monsoons

When scuba diving in the Andaman it’s always advised to watch out for the storms. Even though monsoon season is easily predictable most times, heavy storms can technically occur at anytime throughout the year and are extremely dangerous when they do, especially for scuba divers.

However, after the monsoons hit, the weather which follows is often calm and beautiful. In fact, since the Andaman Islands receive somewhat consistent showers throughout the year, the area tends to stay very green and healthy. Monsoon breezes even help the temperature to stay cool late in the year, all the way up until December.

While the monsoons tend to be dangerous at times, they can also be quite enjoyable and help to keep the weather great all year long.

Scuba Diving Tours Through The Andaman Islands

In addition to scuba diving and snorkeling with friends, many tours and scuba diving adventures are offered on the islands too. Fortunately, tours are offered through many different outlets so you’ve got a good selection no matter what kind of adventure you’re after. So if one fills up before you have the chance to join there are a lot of others that you can sign up for too. Not only are the scuba diving tours fun and beautiful, but they are informative and educational for novice snorkelers and help them get used to the water.

Another great area for scuba is Havelock Island, diving tours through the Havelock Island offer divers a natural paradise type of environment. Consisting of beautiful sand, very clear water, and very green forests, scuba diving tours through the Havelock Island are highly sought out by divers all over the world.

Though Neil Island is relatively small, scuba diving and snorkeling tours include coral reefs and tropical forests full of vegetation, making it a fan favorite among divers as well. There are also many scuba diving tours done through Little Andaman Island, which is just south of South Andaman Island, and is also the entire islands’ headquarters.

Many divers prefer tours through the South Andaman Islands due to the waterfalls, safari, and rain forest. Many boaters drive through the South Andaman Islands, and elephants are found not far from the water, making it an extremely exciting journey for all who attend.

Wrap Up

Essentially, the Andaman Islands are a dream come true for scuba divers and snorkelers everywhere and the best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving is in February when the weather is exceptional. In addition to their amazingly clear waters, wind-free environments, great weather, beautiful wildlife, and excellent underwater views, it is no wonder why so many divers prefer to come here.

We’ll see you there (hopefully)!


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