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Best Wakeboards for Intermediate Riders

So you’ve gotten pretty good on a wakeboard huh? No longer are the days that you struggle to pop up or ride in a straight line. You stand up just as many times as you say “Hit it!” The wake no longer looks like a ten foot tall, impenetrable mountain, now it’s starting to look a lot more like a launch ramp. Congrats, you’ve graduated into an intermediate level wakeboarder and in this article we’ve got the best wakeboards for intermediate riders packed with specs and features to ensure that you get the most out of your new board.

 best wakeboards for intermediate riders

That first wakeboard that your mom bought you for Christmas may not be good enough for your wakeboarding skill set anymore. Beginner boards are more forgiving for new riders but can lack the essentials to keep you pushing yourself. It might be a good idea to get a new board that has the specs and features that are right for you, the intermediate wakeboarder. In that case, it’s a good thing you ended up here at our list of the best wakeboards for intermediate riders.  Check ’em below!

When we’re looking for a wakeboard that’s right for us, it’s important to keep in mind the characteristics that we need to pay attention to when we go to buy. Some of these features are important too because they rely solely on personal preference.


The first characteristic that we need to make sure is right with our board is that it needs to be the right size so that we float properly. When we talk about size, we exclusively mean length.

Wakeboard widths are pretty much standardized and not really of much concern. As far as weight goes, you always want a lighter board because lighter boards mean faster rides with better maneuverability and control. For these reasons, we need to be concerned with the length of the board.

Just as an example, you will find that a rider who weighs up to 160 pounds will need a wakeboard 132-137 cm in length. So, be on the lookout for the right length of board.

Digandflow’s Wakeboard Sizing Chart

Rider Weight Wakeboard Lengths
Up to 85 lbs < 120 cm
Up to 110 lbs < 130 cm
Up to 130 lbs 128-134 cm
Up to 160 lbs 132-137 cm
Up to 180 lbs 134-139 cm
Up to 200 lbs 137-142 cm
200 lbs+ 140 cm +

 best wakeboards for intermediate riders


Next, we need to think about board shape and design. For intermediate riders, we get to choose between the two different rocker profiles that wakeboards come in.  Both will preform differently depending on riding style.

The first shape is called continuous. It is made of one, smooth, fluid arc. This shape allows for a smooth, fast ride and easy turns. Continuous shapes create a lengthier pop that will shoot you further out into the flats.

The other shape, the 3-stage rocker, is shaped with three flat planes that form a concave angularity. Imagine a dinner plate – long, flat middle with shorter ends that are angled upward. This shape is slower and feels like a looser ride. To make up for this, the 3-stage board offers huge, upward pop off the wake.

Additionally, fin styles on boards vary so careful attention must also be given to find fin styling to make sure that your board fits your style. So, when thinking about shape and design, you have to decide what you want out of your board and choose accordingly.

Wakeboard Rocker Profiles

 best wakeboards for intermediate riders

Best Wakeboards for Intermediate Riders

Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2017

First on our list of the best wakeboards for intermediate riders is the Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2017. At $280, this is an awesome intermediate style board for several reasons.

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Featuring 2 fins for added stability, this board will offer a smooth, controlled ride despite being a 3-stage rocker design. With the combination of these fins and this board style, you’ll even find that this board offers huge, controlled pop. This Ronix model has even incorporated rails that are designed for keeping you standing up out of the water.

Ronix Vault Features

  • 3 stage rocker
  • Thinner, sharper toeside rail
  • Fuller, vertical heelside rail
  • Two fiberglass 1.7” hook fins

The toeside rail is thinner and the heelside rail is fatter so that this asymmetrical design will help you keep you upright on your toeside, since wakeboarding is one of the few board sports that your shoulders won’t necessarily be parallel to your legs.

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Best Wakeboards for Intermediate RidersAdditionally, this 3-stage board is built for sky high pop because of its particular design. The rocker line has a later arc and higher degree that will create aggressive, straight up, explosive pop that will launch you off the wake with ease. With this extra kick, you’ll be able to learn those pesky tricks that you felt like you had to rush on your newbie board. For these reasons, this Ronix model is a lock on our list of best wakeboards for intermediate riders.

 best wakeboards for intermediate riders

Liquid Force Omega Grind Wakeboard 2017

At $300, this Liquid Force model is sure to afford you tons of fun out on the water. For the intermediate rider that wants to jump into the park game, this is the board (although it is still awesome for wake style!).

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This board was specifically designed with a grind base meant for jibbing everything you come across with outstanding durability. Additionally, molded fins in the rails of this board will help you ride away from those sketchy landings as you learn to ride park. But let’s not count out the standard wake style ability of this board.

Omega Grind Features

  • PU Core
  • Variable Edge Rail
  • Center Fin
  • Smooth, Continuous Rocker
  • Molded In Side Fins

With a continuous rocker design, this board makes for a predictable, even ride behind your tow, flowing transitions into and out of your turns, and a longer trajectory off of the wake. It also features a center fin that is outstanding for control while edging into and out of the wake.

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With its polyurethane core, you will also find that this board is super light and a durable option meant to last you for years. For these great reasons, this Liquid Force is great for both wake and park style riding and makes it onto our list for the best wakeboards for intermediate riders.

 best wakeboards for intermediate riders

CWB Faction Wakeboard 2017

A pro-style design without the crazy price?! The CWB Faction model offers the intermediate rider all the features of a pro board at an intermediate price of $350.

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This board is built for great all around value and high performance. Made of a polyurethane core, this wakeboard is super light and built to stand up to professional levels of abuse.With its fast, continuous rocker line, you are sure to be able to get great speed out of this board.

Faction Highlights

  • CWB’s Pro Core
  • Variable center channel
  • Shallow spine
  • Continuous rocker
  • Four 1’’ bolt on fins
  • Designed for: Intermediate/Advanced

Additionally, you’ll find that the four bolt-on fins of this board bring you added stability that you’ll love. This added stability will help you sit through those sketchy landings that otherwise might end a bit wet. This board also features a CWB’s “smorg” base, made of a laminated Nexus shell that has UV protection, is lightweight, and incredibly durable.

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Altogether, you’ll find that this board is lightweight, tough, versatile, and a great value, making it one of the best wakeboards for intermediate riders.

 best wakeboards for intermediate riders

Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard 2017

Serious about being the best rider you can be? Well, this is a great board for you to transition into the higher skills in wakeboarding. The preferred choice of two time World Champ Aaron Gunn, this $400 wonder is a park riding favorite and is one of the best wakeboards for intermediate riders.

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This continuous rocker design is sure to afford you that buttery ride that you crave without the need for any fins. While this board is specifically designed for park carving, it is still a perfectly good option for riding wake style.

Slingshot Nomad Features

  • Dialed in tech for experienced riders
  • Forgiving enough for a wide range of riders
  • Increased surface area and stability
  • Performs great even at slower speeds making it more user friendly
  • Great for boats with smaller wakes

What makes this board unique is its Soft Flex technology. This board actually has a little give to it when under the full weight of your body on top of a rail or ledge such that it will create a small arc that will lock you into the grind or slide.

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For these reasons, this board is sure to make it onto our shortlist of best wakeboards for intermediate riders as well as inspire you to be the best rider that you can be.

Ronix Kinetik Project Flex Box 1 Wakeboard 2017

This Ronix model is extremely popular within the higher levels of wakeboarding, priced at $520. This model retains everything that people loved about the previous years’ versions of this board with some new, added features that you are sure to love.

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The same 3-stage rocker is present on this model but with more exaggerated arcs towards the tip and tail to provide even more straight up pop. You are sure to feel the explosive kick off any wake with this board. Additionally, this model has speedwall rails for reduced drag to help you achieve a faster ride despite being a 3-stage rocker.

Ronix Kinetik Highlights

  • Flexbox 1 for integrated flex points through the center of the board
  • Speedwalls creates more top water speed and a durable bumper from those floating menaces
  • G&R Technology
  • Dominik Hernler Pro Model

The speed of this board is even accentuated by the sintered base that this board is coated with. This base is the most durable, fastest base that Ronix has ever come up with. Furthermore, Ronix, a rider-owned company, listened to the market and created a brand new flex style that they call Flexbox.

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On the one board, there are two entirely different pressure points that the board will flex at to cater to any riding style. Will all of these sweet features, you are sure to find that this Ronix board will satisfy both of your needs for speed and pop and make for a great intermediate board.

Best Wakeboards for Intermediate Riders

On our list, we tried to cover options for every riding style. The Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2017 will provide a slower ride with big pop for those who want a powerful yet stable ride. The Liquid Force Omega Grind Wakeboard is great for both wake and park riding and will offer speed with long pop.

The Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard 2017 is styled for those intermediate riders who want to get up into the upper echelon of wakeboard riding, with a park specific design that is great for locking into grinds and presses. These boards are all quite different and speak to individual styles of riding that only you can decide are right for you. But one thing is for certain, no matter your style: Get out on the water and have fun!






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