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Best Wakeboard Boats for the Money

So you’re looking for a new wakeboat. You’re excited – and for good reason. Wakeboats are probably the one of the best investment you can make as far as fun goes. With your wakeboat, you can head out on the water with all of your family and friends and perform a variety of activities. You can choose to find a beach and park for a little coastline entertainment. Maybe you feel like just cruising today. Or you could choose to go for a little more excitement with a little bit of action behind the boat. Wakesurfing, rafting, or – most importantly – wakeboarding. We are buying a wakeboat after all. On our list, we have found the best wakeboard boats for the money to satisfy your thirst for excitement out on the water.

We should pay attention to a few important characteristics when we go to purchase a wakeboat. First, we want the performance specifications to match what we are paying for. Different boats make different wakes and we want to make sure that we are getting a wake of a quality that either matches or beats what we are paying for. Engine performance and hull shapes are also of note in this regard. Some more expensive boats can even create entirely different wake shapes with the flick of a button.

Second, we want to get the interior of our wakeboat right for our needs. Different boats are, of course, shaped differently on the topside and can provide a wide range of experiences. Maybe you are looking for more seating. Maybe you want the best technology. Maybe you think more storage space would be right for you. Most wakeboats have the same basic shape with different nuances that give the boat an overall different feel. So, if we make sure that we check off on all of these different aspects of the boat we are buying, we are sure to end up with one of the best wakeboard boats for the money. Let’s dive into some of these options and find one that is right for you.

Best Wakeboard Boats for the Money

Pavati AL-24

This is, frankly, the baddest boat out on the water. The Pavati AL-24. Truthfully, this boat is not for everyone. Only serious buyers should allow themselves to fall in love with the AL-24 because of its price tag. At $230,000, though, you better believe that you are getting an unbelievably sick boat that you are going to enjoy every inch of.

The boat is made of 100% hand welded, hand crafted aluminum that puts the boat in its own category of performance. It’s loaded with a 6.2L/440HP Raptor Engine by Indmar that gives the boat a ton of raw power. Additionally, this boat can be ran as a wake, surf, or ski boat by utilizing the boat’s custom wake shape controller. These settings will give you the best wake that money can buy for all three watersports. The exterior of this boat can be entirely customized from the hull up to the upholstery. With too many absurdly impressive features on the topside of this boat, you can bet your bottom dollar (which you might be reduced to after buying this boat) that this is one of the best wakeboard boats for the money.

2017 Supra SA

Coming in at a cool $130,000, the 2017 Supra SA is an upper echelon option for those of us with fancier boat tastes. This boat has a lot to offer for its price tag, though. This 22 foot craft has a seating capacity of 16, making room for plenty of family or friends – or family and friends! This boat offers three different engine options, the best of which being the 6.2L/575HP Ford Roushcharged Raptor by Indmar, offering plenty of power to fuel your adrenaline.

The boat has what Supra calls the Supra Smart Plate 2.0 attached to its aft, giving you the ability to create wakes for both skiing and wakeboarding. You can make a flat wake for when you are just cruising or towing a skier or opt for that big, lippy wake needed for sweet wakeboarding airs. This boat has a unique hull shape out front that gives it a muscular, broad look that is different from pretty much every other boat being sold. The Supra SA offers plenty considering its price tag, making it one of the best wakeboard boats for the money out on the water today.

2017 Axis A20

With the 2017 Axis A20, our list starts to move into “budget boat” territory (if there even is such a thing). For $83,000, you can get one of the best wakeboard boats for the money in the mid-level price range. Previous years of the Axis A20 were loved by customers and this year’s model is sure to be no different.

The A20 drives extremely nicely with great agility and precision. And, of course, great towing ability. The hull of the boat was specifically designed to create a wake-and-wave water trail that both wakeboarders and wakesurfers are sure to love. With the ability to seat 11, you can cruise around with all of your loved ones and have a great time on this quality boat. With up to 450-horsepower capability, you would enjoy the power that this boat can produce for both towing and cruising. Altogether, this beast should be considered one of the best wakeboard boats for the money as we get into the “budget” portion of this list.

Tigѐ R20

Starting at $72,000, the Tigѐ R20 is yet another option when it comes to buying one of the best wakeboard boats for the money. This boat is built with both towing and performance in mind, considering the 6.2L/308 HP Indmar 360R engine that is in this boat. Additionally, the Tigѐ has the ability to create a wake for both wakeboarders and wakesurfers.

Tigѐ has been creating impeccable wakes for wakeboarders since 1991 so we know that this practice will continue. But the TAPS 3 system that has been put in place on the R20 has the ability to create perfect waves for wakesurfers, too. The topside of this boat features a laundry list of options that make it easy for this boat to become your new favorite toy. Even the aesthetics are fully customizable. For these reasons, it easy to tell why the Tigѐ R20 is one of the more popular boats for wakeboarding and why people love the value they get out of it.

2017 MasterCraft NXT20

The 2017 MasterCraft NXT20 is the most affordable option here on our list, coming in at a base price of around $50,000. This is not to say that this MasterCraft boat is of poor quality, though. This model is great for both skiing and wakeboarding, as the ballast system creates great wakes on both ends of the spectrum. The wakes for skiers are sloped well so that the rounded shape creates a smooth entry and exit from the wake.

The pop that wakeboarders want out of a wake with some lip is also present with this boat once the ballasts are full. Featuring a 5.7 liter Ilmor V8 engine, you and your riders will love the power that comes out of this engine, proving for a great tow. The interior of this boat is also up to speed. The lounging areas and stowage found on this boat are on par with any other boat on the market. And the always important sound system provides you plenty of noise to enjoy a day out on the water. All of these benefits make this Mastercraft model one of the best in the “budget” category.

Wrap Up

All told, we tried to give you a good breadth of options on this list of the best wakeboard boats that you can purchase. For those who want to acquire the boat of their dreams, the Pavati AL-24 has no competition. This boat is the stuff of legends and will serve you well. The 2017 Supra SA costs about half as much and may be a more affordable option for you. It will get you out on the water having a good time with family and friends in style. Axis’ A20 is yet another great opportunity at yet another drastically lower price.

The Axis is a well-received boat throughout the wakeboarding community that you are sure to love, too. The Tigѐ R20 is also a good option in the low-to-mid price range that is just as capable of satisfying your needs. Lastly, the MasterCraft X-7 will get you out on the water for plenty of fun at the lowest price on our list. You will get plenty of entertainment with friends and family out of this boat, despite the lower price. From this list, we hope that you can find a boat that is right for you, no matter the size of your wallet, so you can join in on the fun that watersports have to offer.

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