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Best Snowboard for Carving

So you like carving, huh? Well, we can’t blame you. Some of the best times on the mountain come cruising and carving down the mountain without a care in the world. And to maintain that carefree feeling, we need the right board. After all, how are we going to reach our Zen if we are worried about our board losing its edge? The best snowboard for carving is out there just waiting for you to ride it. So, let’s jump into our list of just those types of boards to see if we can’t get you to invest in some fun.

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What to Consider

The best snowboard for carving is going to have a few characteristics that we need to make sure our own purchase features. We’ve included a couple of different styles of boards here, although they are all perfect for carving. While there is obviously a lot of style involved with snowboarding, there are a few constants that we can’t ignore if we are serious about carving.

First, we want to make sure that our board has the right camber shape. For carving, we want to look for a hybrid rocker/camber/rocker style to give us the effectiveness that both styles can afford. By using a camber in the middle, we will maintain edges with ease since the board will create four strong contact points with the snow. By distributing our weight this way, we will get maximum effectiveness for staying upright on a deep carve. Additionally, the rockers on the top and tail will provide a couple of different positives. Not only will it give us some nice big pop but it will also let us keep our nose up in the powder and stay floaty. For all of these reasons, finding a rocker/camber/rocker board will lead us to the right board for carving.

Second, we want to make sure that our board is above a five on the flex scale. If our board is too flimsy, we will wash on our backside if we try to get into a deep turn – and that’s just no fun. Additionally, a stiffer board allows for more stability at higher speeds. A fast carve is a good carve, no doubt. So, we are going to keep our searching on the higher end of the flex universe.

With these two ideas on our minds, we should be able to find a sweet board for working our way down the mountain with stability and power on a great board. Fair warning: All three of the boards we have listed here are vastly different despite that they are all perfect for carving. Only you know your style and this should lead you to the right board of these three.

Best Snowboard for Carving

Bataleon The One

Talk about a great name to know that you are making the right purchase. Are you looking for The One? You most certainly are.  Bataleon’s design makes The One a top contender for the best snowboard for carving as any with its 3rd generation Triple Base Technology that make it even greater than previous models.

The One Features

  • Sidekick dramatically increases the uplift on the widest points of the nose and tail for smoother turn initiation, increased float in deep snow and better handling in rough terrain
  • Freeride 3BT
  • Directional tapered profile with a 6 Flex Rating
  • Bataleon Snowboards are built using advanced manufacturing techniques and high end materials
  • 2 year limited warranty

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The SideKick is also an innovative addition to this board that makes it float over powder and initiate turns much more artfully, making it a better handler of tougher terrain. We all know perfect edging means perfect carving so The One scores big points with us here. The outline has a directional taper that scores it a 6 out of 10 flex rating, putting it right in our desired range for a freeride board.

What’s more, this board has the hybrid camber we are looking for so we can have maximum pop just as well as maximum edging. Clearly, Bataleon wanted to create a board that battles for the top spot on our list – and they have done so successfully. We’re willing to bet the first time you meet The One that you will realize just what you have gotten yourself into: Love at first sight.

 Jones Hovercraft

Let’s get it popping with the Jones Hovercraft, your new favorite for the best snowboard for carving in your arsenal. This board features that all-important hybrid style camber so that we got those contact points with the snow that grant us strength and edge hold that we need for sweet carving.

The Spoon nose is brought up so that you have no problems with floating over the soft stuff, too. And the tail is turned up, too, for less catching. The shape is directional, adding to the nice ability to float right over powder like you dream about. And to top it all off, the flex is right where we need it, too.

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Hovercraft Specs

  • Length – 148
  • Camber Profile – Hybrid
  • Shape – Directional
  • Flex – 7
  • Width – Regular

Coming in at 7 out of 10, this board will make sure that we don’t flop out of a deep carve, even at higher speeds. Truly, this board is a hot ticket item as it has gained something of a cult following for its awesome floating ability with outstanding handle. If you’re looking for the best snowboard for carving, it very well may be that your search has just ended here with the Jones Hovercraft.

Rossignol XV Magtek 2017

Built for some of the nastiest terrain on Earth, the XV Magtek is a serious board for serious riders. In fact, Xavier de la Rue uses this very board. This board is as stiff as they come at a 10 out of 10 on the stiffness scale, giving you the ability to maintain the highest precision, control, and stability through even the roughest rides.

Magtek Highlights

  • A big mountain board built for pushing boundaries
  • AmpTek All-Mountain gives you more float and is forgiving for versatility all over the mountain
  • Magne-Traction is snowboarding’s premier edge-holding technology and it maximizes grip between your feet
  • Super stiff under front foot and medium stiff under the rear for directional stability for hard charging sessions
  • Floats through deep pow, chop, and ice so you just need 1 board in your quiver

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The shape of the board is innovative, employing edges that raise off the snow at varying degrees at various points to account for every sort of style that the rider could go for. The Magtek technology creates control, performance, and better edge hold no matter the situation, something the deepest carvers know is key.

Additionally, the tips of the board are built for stability at high speed and floatiness in the powder with raised edges just beyond the contact points. Altogether, this board is put together with the powerful, edgy rider in mind. It’s built for attacking steep terrain and deep carving, making it a competitor for the best snowboard for carving out there.

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Wrap Up

So, with this list, we managed to find the best snowboard for carving depending on a few different styles. The Mosquito is built for the speedster. If you are looking for a fast, responsive, and small board, the Mostquito is all you. CAPiTA’s newest Defenders of Awesome model is great for carving but lends itself more to an all mountain style due to its softer flex and more usual shape. The XV Magtek is for the extreme rider. Extreme flex, extreme edge hold, and extreme responsiveness.

While carving is a constant among all of these boards, there are certainly different styles that can be brought with each. Whichever board jumps out at you is the best snowboard for carving is truly the right board for you. All it takes is action to get yourself out there on a brand new board.


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