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Best Ski Socks for Cold Feet ~ Warm is good

best ski socks for cold feetWhen you’re hitting the slopes it’s all about comfort.  From staying dry to keeping warm, your choice in gear can make all the difference between a great day and, well, a not so great day.  In a departure from our standard warm weather articles we decided to come up with the best ski socks for cold feet so you can play just as hard in the winter as you do the summer.

How to Keep Warm

When it comes down to staying warm when you’re outside skiing all day keeping your feet warm comes down to a couple different factors.  The first thing that will get your feet cold will be the sweat that builds up as you’re skiing, only to then cool down when you’re sitting on the lift.  Water transfers temperature faster than air, so if your socks are wet then your feet are going to be cold.

The material of the sock plays a big part in keeping your feet dry.  As a rule you should never resort to cotton for a technical piece of equipment.  Once wet, cotton will stay wet much longer than synthetic or wool and, you guessed it, cool down your tootsies in a hurry.  Luckily there are numerous options out there for cold feet made out of wool or synthetic blends.

The Different Types Of Fibers That Ski Socks Are Made From

best ski socks for cold feet

One thing that is always good to look at when buying a pair of ski socks for cold feet, is the fiber in which the socks are made from.

While merino fiber provides a non-itchy wool-type insulation for your feet, others may prefer socks with synthetic materials and may find them more comfortable. A non-itchy material is a huge benefit, especially for skiers looking to stay out on the mountains for long periods of time. While a small itch here and there isn’t too much of a hassle and is not terribly frustrating, too much itching can lead to more serious issues such as dry spots and even blisters.

Silver fiber is often used alongside other materials and helps to keep the smell out from your socks too. This is extremely beneficial to those looking to stay out all throughout the day, since sweat will likely occur.

Ultimately, the fiber of which your ski socks are made from is a definite indication of their quality. While many lower-line socks are made with poor fibers that can rip and tear easily, the best ski socks for cold feet are made with incredibly durable and long lasting material that will keep you comfortable all throughout the day, season after season.

The other thing that will increase your chances of staying warm when you’re skiing is the thickness of the material.  Sure, you don’t want to cram a huge sock into your ski boot, but neither would you want to go barefoot.  A ski/snowboard specific sock, with pressure areas built in, and designed to be thicker will no doubt be the best ski socks for cold feet.

So without further ado we present our choices for the best ski socks for cold feet and how they’re going to keep you on the slopes longer and with a smile on your face.

Best Ski Socks for Cold Feet

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Zensah FIR Ski Socks

best ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feet

Zensah has come up with a great sock for those who ski with cold feet.  The Zensah Far Infrared (FIR) Ski Socks feature special oxide mineral coated fibers which retain naturally occurring infrared rays, as well as Merino Wool to provide excellent warmth and moisture wicking properties.  All of this is to ensure that your feet stay warm and comfortable while you’re on the mountain skiing.

These socks aren’t just warm, they’re also super comfortable. They feature a thick sole and a cross-knit weave that helps to prevent shin bang with heavy cushioning. The comfortable upper cuff prevents the socks from bunching up on your leg or slipping into your ski boot.

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Zensah Ski Sock Highlights

  • Innergy yarn creates naturally occurring far infrared rays that helps with circulation and heat generation
  • Merino wool is moisture wicking and anti-odor
  • Cross-knit padding prevents shin bang
  • No-slip cuff ensures the ski socks stay in place all day while skiing
  • Comfort sole and heavy cushioning

The Best Ski Socks For Cold Feet – Runners Up

While many socks are indeed thick, they do a poor job at keeping your feet warm. However, when using the best ski socks for cold feet, your toes and feet will remain warm at all times. Additionally, many of these socks are somewhat water resistant and dry quickly. So even if your feet get damp they won’t stay that way for too long.

Studies have proven that while your feet just make up for a small percentage of your entire body, they contribute to your overall chill. In other words, if your feet are too cold during the day, the chill will eventually spread throughout your entire body.

Best Lightweight Warm Skiing Socks – PureAthlete Ski Socks

best ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feet
Next up on our list of the best ski socks for cold feet comes from PureAthlete, these socks are awesome at keeping your nippy digits cozy while you’re on the slopes. Due to the incredibly lightweight material that they are made from, and the anti-odor properties that they come with, these socks will make sure that your feet remain toasty all day long in even the coldest conditions.

The way that the PureAthlete Ski Socks are able to keep your feet so warm is due to the way that they are made. The 58 percent polypropylene and 3 percent nylon that these socks are made from help to retain body heat in order to fight off any chill that’s present. The company defines this material as a special yarn that has an increased level of thermal properties. To this day, many skiers use the PureAthlete Ski Socks and have only spoken positively of them.

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In fact, the only downside to the socks is that sometimes your feet are too warm. For instance, if the sun starts to come out and the weather starts to clear up, your feet may start to overheat. Due to the body heat trapping material that these socks are made from, unless you are in downright freezing temperatures, you may find yourself with some rather hot toes. However, it’s much more convenient to have overly warm feet than cold feet, especially for skiers who prefer staying out on the mountains all throughout the day and on a regular basis.

PureAthlete Ski Sock Highlights

  • Awesome Warmth – an innovative blend of merino wool and polypropylene wicks moisture away while maintaining the the foots natural temperature to prevent feet from excessive sweating
  • Ergonomic Comfort Areas – advanced stitching techniques provide cushioning in the shin, ankle, and the foot areas to ensure the ultimate comfort and prevent any discomfort when worn with ski boots
  • Ski Socks Stay Up – these wool ski socks feature elastic at the top to prevent the ski socks from sliding down and bunching around the boot top
  • Arch Support – an elastic arch support provides comfort and helps to foot performance
  • Machine Washable – these high performance ski socks are made to last ski season after ski season. Made of 54% Nylon, 25% Merino Wool, 16% Polypropelene, 5% Spandex
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High Performance Ski Socks – The Wigwam Men’s Snow Sirocco Knee

best ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feet
The Wigwam Men’s Snow Sirocco Knee-High Performance Ski Socks are incredibly durable and they even come with an extra layer of padding built into the pressure specific zones. The padding is not only comfortable on your feet, but it also provides extra warmth and protection. Surprisingly, even with the high level of padding and cushion that they come with, these socks are not too heavy. Even for individuals with larger calves, the socks do not cause a problem and stretch out to make a near perfect fit.

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This is because the socks are made with 42 percent wool, 24 percent stretch nylon, 21 percent polypropylene, 7 percent stretch polyester, 5 percent olefin, and 1 percent spandex. Therefore, they are able to stretch out very well and fit feet of almost any size.

Wigwam Highlights

  • 42% Wool/24% Stretch Nylon/21% Polypropylene/7% Stretch Polyester/5% Olefin/1% Spandex
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Knee-high cushioned ski socks with stay-put knee, heel, toe, and shin so your sock will stay where you need it
  • Made in USA
Buy the Wigwam Sirocco Ski Socks on Amazon Here

Due to the company’s great reviews, long successful history, and large list of customers, many people consider the Wigwam Men’s Snow Sirocco Knee-High Performance Ski Socks to be one of the best pairs of ski socks for cold feet available today.

Eurosocks 1112 Ski Zone OTC Ski Socks

best ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feet
Another great choice for skiers and some of the overall best ski socks for cold feet are the Eurosocks 1112 Zone OTC Ski Socks. Made with micro supreme moisture control material, these socks not only make sure your feet are warm, but they also make sure you don’t build up sweat throughout the day. Though this doesn’t seem like to much of a benefit, it is. Many people with a high amount of sweat build up on their feet tend to become itchy, uncomfortable, and, you guessed it, cold.

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Too much foot sweat can also lead to athletes foot and other serious issues. However, by buying a pair of the Eurosocks this winter you can protect yourself from these issues. Additionally, if stepping in water, skiing in rain, or trekking through any wet snow, your feet will become dry almost immediately thanks to the quick dry technology that these socks use.

Eurosocks Highlights

  • Keep your feet dry with Drystat and MicroSupreme fiber which reduces the growth of bacteria and fungus
  • Reduce foot and leg swelling – each style is engineered with technical features that work perfectly together to create better blood flow to you muscles
  • MicroSupreme provides superior wicking and self-drying capabilities that keep feet warm and dry, is extremely soft and comfortable against the skin
  • Available Women Sizes: (Small 5-8) (Medium 8.5 -10) (Large 10.5 – 12)
  • 80% Microsupreme, 15% Nylon, 5% Spandex
  • Each style is engineered with technical features that work perfectly together to create better blood flow to you muscles
Grab a Pair of Eurosocks on Amazon

Another benefit of the Eurosocks 1112 Ski Zone OTC Ski Socks is the added protection they offer against food and lower leg swelling. Since each sock is engineered with technical features that work together and create a more efficient blood flow to your muscles, no swelling will occur, and you will retain full foot and leg flexibility all throughout the day.

The Ultimate Warmth Arctic Ski Socksbest ski socks for cold feet

The Ultimate Warmth Arctic Ski Socks are made from acrylic and wool yarn in order to make your feet feel like they are in comfortable slippers at all times, even in the coldest temperatures. This material also helps with lowering the itch on your feet too. Considering the fact that over-heated feet and toes tend to get itchy at times, this is a super beneficial factor.

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Keep in mind that these socks should be ordered a half-size or so bigger due to the extra layer of padding that they come with. They easily stretch around the ankle and around the lower-leg so that there is no discomfort and no chill can find it’s way in.

In fact, the company is so proud and confident in their product that they have listed them as “the best ski socks you will ever wear” and ensure 100% customer satisfaction with every purchase.

Ultimate Warmth Highlights

  • Ultra-Warm – Made of a thick acrylic and wool yarn, the socks are designed to keep your feet warm under the coldest temperatures.
  • Breathable – Using advanced knitting techniques, we created a ski sock that is not only warm, but also breathable to prevent feet from getting too hot.
  • Non-Itch – Even though the socks contain merino wool, they are not itchy and fit comfortably on your feet. The Ultimate Warmth Ski Socks are the most comfortable ski socks you will ever wear.
  • Moisture Wicking – Unlike other ski socks that may trap moisture and sweat, the Pure Athlete Ski Socks are moisture wicking to prevent the build up for perspiration. Also, they help to stay dry if they get exposed to snow.
  • Made of 60% Acrylic, 26% Wool, 9% Nylon, 5% Spandex.
Buy a Pair of Ultimate Warmth Ski Socks on Amazon

Icebreaker Women’s Ski Plus Med OTC

best ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feetbest ski socks for cold feet

Icebreaker is a brand we know well here at  Their quality construction and great materials means that they have found their way into almost all of our gear and their ski socks are no exception.

Combining a ultra comfortable ergonomic fit with a warm and durable merino-blend the Icebreaker Women’s Ski+ medium over the calf socks are fully cushioned and designed for all-day performance on the mountain. Merino wool, like stated above, excels at moisture and odor control both of which are key with ski socks.  The number one thing that’s going to get your feet cold is sweat and with the moisture wicking properties of Merino your tootsies will be happier for much longer.

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Icebreaker’s Ski+ sock construction incorporates support zones in the ankle, the Achilles and your instep to keep the sock in place.  With sculpted cushioning to maximize fit, comfort-minded construction and a breathable forefoot zone for improved ventilation the Ski+ is one of the best ski socks for cold feet. The seamless toe closure reduces bulk and helps prevent blisters when hiking or touring in the backcountry.

Icebreaker Women’s Ski Plus Highlights

  • 80% merino Wool/16% Nylon/4% Elastane
  • Made in USA
  • Anatomically sculptured for the ultimate fit
  • Fully cushioned ski sock so you’re comfortable all day
  • Odor resistant wool keeps you feet feeling fresh day after day
  • Strategic medium and light cushioning for all day comfort in your boots
  • Achilles instep support prevents slipping
  • Lin toe seam reduces bulk to prevent blisters
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Wrap Up

While many skiers feet get cold and numb during trips, those who buy the best ski socks for cold feet remain comfortable and warm all throughout the day. While your feet only make up a small percentage of your entire body, it is still important to keep them warm, especially when you are skiing. In addition to making sure you are able to walk throughout the day, they help to eliminate chill from the rest of your body as well.

See you out there!











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