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Best Ski Resorts in Colorado for Families

With a whole world of places to visit with your family, finally deciding on a vacation destination could prove difficult. But, rest assured, we’ve got your next awesome journey right here on Dig & Flow: Colorado. The Rocky Mountains course through the heart of Colorado, providing some of the best slopes in the world. Accordingly, there are plenty of mountain towns that have popped up over the years to cater to visitors looking for their snow fix. These cities have adapted to providing entertainment for entire families and so have become a great vacation spot for your next family getaway. Just take a look at our list of the Best Ski Resorts in Colorado for Families and you’ll see exactly why.

What to Consider

When looking for the best ski resorts in Colorado for families, there are a few things that we paid special attention to – and you should, too.

First, we have to make sure the kids are taken care of. Of course, a family vacation can only be called successful if the kids are happy. So, the resorts that we find need to have amenities that cater to children. These can come in many forms like sledding hills, kid’s areas, and magic carpet lifts that make the skiing experience more fun specifically for children. With the kids happy, the adults can finally enjoy themselves. They say “happy wife, happy life” but I think we all know who really holds the keys to the parents’ happiness.

Now that the kids have been looked after, can’t the adults have some fun? Of course! Ski towns have nightlife options that can easily entertain the grown up crowds. For those ex-ski bunnies in the audience, you’ll find that many ski resorts and their surrounding areas have retained their roots. It isn’t too difficult to find 80’s themed bars from the heyday of the neon clad skiing era. Or, if you are looking for more relaxing afternoon moments, you can certainly find these in the form of fancy dinners at resort restaurants or low key spas. So, once the kids have been taken care of, mom and dad can take care of themselves in Colorado.

If we keep in mind the individuals that make up your family, you’ll definitely notice that a Colorado ski resort has plenty to offer to everyone. The best ski resorts in Colorado for families have clearly allocated resources towards providing an awesome family experience that your whole household would enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the ones that do this best.

Best Ski Resorts in Colorado for Families

Crested Butte

Best Ski Resorts in Colorado for Families


Crested Butte is a world renowned mountain resort in its own right. It is a hallowed ground for Colorado natives and visiting skiers alike as it provides great slopes and powder. But is it a great family destination? Long story short: Yes.

Crested Butte Mountain Resort has created entire programs based completely on attracting families to enjoy their slice of the mountain. The resort has sectioned off trails on the mountain especially for kids and decorated them accordingly. Some trails wind through the trees while others run through facades based on the town’s main street, Elk Avenue. Kids can also ski through a mock bear cave, Forest Service lodge, and gold-mining building. The skiing experience for kids as top notch as far as this category goes.

Regular Season Ticket Prices Single Day Multi Day Half Day
Adult(18-64) $111 2 of 3 days
Child (7-12) $61 2 of 3 days
Young Adult (13-17) $100 2 of 3 days
Senior (65+) $89 2 of 3 days

*Prices are for regular season dates, more available options online.  Multi Day passes have more options online.  Pre-order online for special pricing.

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But the real kicker here is the Kids Night Out program. This plan is built for entertaining kids so that their parents can enjoy a night to themselves. Kids get to visit the Adventure Park at the resort which features a Zero Gravity BagJump, rock-climbing wall, and bungee trampolines. They also get dinner and play games as a part of their action packed night. While all this is going on for the kids, parents have a free night to do as they please. And in beautiful Crested Butte, you can do just about whatever you would like. Have a perfect sit-down dinner, visit a local bar, or just have a cozy night in. The Kids Night Out, we believe, makes a huge difference to make the Crested Butte Mountain Resort one of the best ski resorts in Colorado for families that you can find.


Best Ski Resorts in Colorado for Families

Snowmass is also an awesome option for a mountain vacation with the family. The resort has put a lot of effort into making sure that kids are taken care of on your next vacation. Snowmass Village has what they call the Treehouse Kids Adventure Center to tend to the children while the parents are away. This fun zone includes themed playrooms as well as ski and snowboard lessons. There are also opportunities for kids to sit around the campfire and roast marshmallows while listening to Old West storytelling. As for the mountain, Snowmass has plenty of bunny slopes for younger and newer skiers.

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And, of course, the slopes and nightlife for mom and dad are phenomenal. Snowmass has world class skiing for enthusiasts at all difficulties on their section of the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, there are outstanding restaurants and other nightlife opportunities for adults that are great entertainment for while the kids are at the Treehouse Kids Adventure Center. This makes Snowmass one of the best ski resorts in Colorado for families and a definite possibility for your next family vacation.

Beaver Creek

Best Ski Resorts in Colorado for Families

The last – but certainly not least – resort we have here on our list is Beaver Creek. This resort brings a lot of value to your whole family in unique ways. Kids can enjoy on-hill story time, a tubing hill, ice-skating, and an ice maze for tons of fun outside of the already exciting skiing on the mountain. Beaver Creek also gives out warm cookies at the end of every ski day that the kids will undoubtedly love.

Check out the Beaver Creek site to search for tickets!

Have kids in your family that may not consider themselves to be children anymore? No problem at Beaver Creek! The resort puts on activities for teens like twilight snowshoeing, pizza parties, and trick classes at their nearby Anti-Gravity Center. So, if you have an aspiring young adult in your family, this program at Beaver Creek will have them taken care of.

But don’t worry, we aren’t forgetting mom and dad. This resort has plenty of great places to visit for the adult crowd from spas and restaurants to bars and clubs. Clearly, Beaver Creek has fun for everyone to enjoy and is one of the best ski resorts in Colorado for families.

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Wrap Up

With this list, we tried to find resorts that cater to everyone’s needs. The natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains is something every member of your family can enjoy so we made sure to find resorts that provide the right activities for the right people. It’s important that your family vacation be fun for everyone instead of just fun for the people paying. Accordingly, activities that cater to everyone are an important part of planning your next trip. With these, the best ski resorts in Colorado for families, you’ll be able to give everyone a great time and head home happy.

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