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Best Sit On Top Kayak

It’s nice outside, you want to hit the beach, get on the water and soak up some rays.  While there are few different ways to do it one of my personal favorites is climbing on a kayak and when it’s nice out a sit on top or SOT kayak is a great way to go.  Sit-on-top kayaks offer more freedom of movement than the more traditional sit in kayaks, they’re easy to transport, and can be used for tons of different activities.  We’ve dug around and found what we think is the best sit on top kayak you can get for your summer adventures.

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Best Sit On Top Kayak

Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Best Sit On Top Kayak

Ocean Kayak Scrambler

When it comes to choosing the right sit on top kayak there are a lot of choices but the Scrambler from Ocean Kayak stands out as one of the best for a day on the water.  The first iteration of the Scrambler was introduced over 20 years ago and it’s still going strong.  Why? Because it works, really well.

This is the more recreational version of it’s fishing cousin.  Super stable and maneuverable the Scrambler is the perfect choice for just getting out on that next nice day and doing some paddling.  It’s 29.5 inch wide hull gives it all the stability you need if you want to tackle ocean swells or even surf it and it even tracks well on flat water with it’s Tri-Form hull design.

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History of Quality

Introduced over 20 years ago the Scrambler has been setting the standard for easy paddling, efficient kayaks.  The keel and sponsons that Ocean Kayak incorporates into the Scrambler provide unparalleled stability and tracking and make it the best sit on top kayak for us.  This hull on the Scrambler has been part of the design since day one and has proved to be one of their best features and one that people really like.

Comfort for All Day

The Scrambler comes standard with features that make getting in and paddling easy, efficient, and comfortable.  The Comfort Plus Seat Back is 4-way adjustable and gives you the option to dial in your exact fit and the molded in foot wells give any height of paddler the perfect place to put their feet.

The Scrambler has a molded in cup holder for bringing a beverage and the tank well is great for bringing lunch or other gear with, the tank well is secured with bungees so that your lunch doesn’t end up getting soggy on the paddle out.

Features and Specifications

  • A Comfort Plus seat back gives you all the flexibility you need to find that perfect spot for paddling
  • A big molded-in seat well adds ergonomics so that your backside won’t get sore when you’re out for a couple hour paddle
  • A 6″ cam lock hatch lets you keep your necessities close at hand for easy access.
  • A large tank well with bungee straps mean you can bring larger items and keep them there
  • Incorporated molded-in cup holder let’s you bring hydration while you’re on the water
  • Built-in ergonomic bow and stern handles make transporting super easy
  • Included side mounted carrying handles make moving the Scrambler even easier
  • Paddle keepers let you stow your paddle out of the way when you’re not using it
  • Ultra-stable Tri-form hull makes paddling easy and tracking effortless
  • A skid plate protects the bottom when you’re paddling the shallows or laying the boat on the ground


  • LENGTH: 11′ 6.5″
  • WIDTH: 29.5″
  • WEIGHT: 47 lbs
  • SEAT WIDTH: 18″
  • LEG LENGTH: 50″
  • MAX CAPACITY: 300-350 lbs

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Customer Reviews

One of the most reviewed kayaks on Amazon (and one of the highest rated too) the Scrambler is sure to keep you grinnin’ while you’re on the water.  Reviews titled “Love the Ocean Kayak Scrambler !!!“, “Summer Water Fun“, and “[G]reat in the surf as well as the marshare some of the 5-star reviews and believe me, there’s a lot more too.

There were a couple features people thought could be improved upon.  One reviewer said the cam lock hatch leaked and let water get in and another found that seat became uncomfortable after sitting in for a while.

While these are valid concerns with some preparedness you can overcome them.  The water getting in the hatch is casualty of being on the water on a sit on top kayak.  These types of boats are going to see a lot more water getting on them because of their open design but if you’re really wanting your stuff to stay dry using a Ziploc bag will save you every time.

On the seat issue. Who wouldn’t like a recliner that you could paddle?  But as with all things action sports, after you charge on it for a while you’ll want to stand up and stretch your back.  I’m a life long skier and even after 30 years one of my favorite things is still taking off my gear sitting by the fire.

With all these great reviews the Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 gets our vote for best sit on top kayak.

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DigandFlow Final Thoughts

The Scrambler for Ocean Kayak is a heck of a kayak and at $599.95 represents a heck of a deal too.  Sure, there are kayaks out there that might have more bells and whistles on them but you’re going to pay a lot more for them.  The Scrambler represents an awesome kayak that you can throw on top of your car, head for the beach, and have a day’s worth of fun.  Best of all, these kayaks are built tough so you’ll be able to paddle on it for years to come.

Buy the Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 here

Boom! The Scrambler is the best sit on top kayak from where we’re sitting!


See you out there!


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  1. Meg Jerrard says:

    Thanks for the info 🙂 Now that we’ve transitioned from full time travel to having established a base, I want to start purchasing adventure equipment like a kayak, and getting one we can sit on top would be great. Looking forward to beginning to investing in good quality gear that we can throw on top the car and take with us on road trips around Australia 🙂

    1. Jim Horner says:

      Awesome! Yeah, having a base is key if you want to start investing in gear. Road tripping around Australia sounds pretty great too!

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