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Best Places to Stay in Aspen – Winter is coming

Ah, beautiful Aspen. Great choice. You’re on your way to one of the greatest places to ski and snowboard in the world. Between the town, the slopes, and the natural beauty, Aspen is about to be the adventure of a lifetime.

But speaking of the town, where is the best place to crash during your fun filled vacation? Luckily, Aspen knows it is a prime location and has plenty of places for visitors to stay while they visit. This resort town is full of many options that provide comfortable lodging and wonderful amenities. We’ve taken the time to find the best places to stay in Aspen in five different styles of living – places that stand out among the rest as providing the best experience you could ask for.

What to ConsiderBest Places to Stay in Aspen

As we mentioned, there are different types of accommodation that you could choose in order to find somewhere to stay in Aspen. But when you consider what is best for you, there are a few characteristics that you should consider to find the best fit for you.

First, you should realize that the duration of your stay should affect what you sort of lodging you are looking for. If you are going to be in Aspen for one or two nights, you probably don’t need much space and a hotel or lodge would work great for you. If you are going to be visiting for a month, maybe you want a little extra room to breathe so something larger like a rented condominium or hut would suit you best.

Second, you may want to consider how many people you are visiting Aspen with. If you are going with a big crew, getting several hotel rooms might not be your most cost effective solution. There are homes that you can rent for different lengths of time that would work out great for your larger parties. And, once you spread out the cost across you and your friends or family, you will probably end up paying less money altogether.

Third, your wallet – like always – rears its ugly head. Of course, different places cost different amounts of money and breaking the bank on where you sleep at night may not be the smartest thing to do when you are going on a vacation. You have to save money to actually enjoy the activities that you are headed off to enjoy! So, keep you budget in mind and stick to it when you are looking for somewhere to stay.

So, with these three things in mind, let’s explore our favorites of the best places to stay in Aspen for your upcoming trip.

Best Places to Stay in Aspen

Best Places to Stay in Aspen

Hotels, Lodges, and Bed & Breakfasts

Best Places to Stay in Aspen

Molly Gibson

If you want to go the traditional route, there are a plethora of hotels and lodging options to choose from in Aspen. This makes it easy to find an awesome place to say if you are patient enough to find the right one for you. Some of the best places to stay in Aspen as far as hotels go are the Molly Gibson Lodge and Mountain Chalet Aspen. The rates at these two hotels are around $200 (not bad for the area) and the amenities they provide let you live in comfort.

(Pro Tip: You may want to book your stay far ahead of time in order to secure a lower rate.)

Best Places to Stay in Aspen

Mountain Chalet Aspen

Free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and comfortable beds are all standards at these hotels and the ratings that past customers have posted of both of these places speak to a high level of comfort and satisfaction with their stays. Altogether, the Molly Gibson Lodge and Mountain Chalet Aspen will give you that ski trip feel with all of the comfort that you require to make your visit to the mountains great.  If Fido is coming too then the Molly Gibson is your spot as it’s pet-friendly.

Rental Condominiums & Homes

If you want to feel closer to home, have a larger party, or simply want some more space for a longer vacation, searching for a rental condo or house may be a something you want to look into. Since Aspen is a highly sought after vacation spot, there are many residencies that owners specifically use for renting out to visitors.

These places are often within short distances of the skiing resorts in Aspen, making them convenient for those in search of fresh powder. Additionally, these larger spaces are normally fully furnished and complete with everything that you would need for a longer stay.

These rentals can also come in the form of timeshares for those who are interested in such endeavors. Altogether, if your vacation’s circumstances call for a little more space due to having a lot of people or an extended duration, we recommend a rental property as one of the best places to stay in Aspen that you’ll see.  Check out for great rentals in the Aspen valley.

 Backcountry Huts & Camping

Another option that you can check out is securing a spot in a less populated locale. There are backcountry huts available for short term rental periods that can give you a secluded, more natural feel if you so desire. These bungalows are often tucked up into the mountains a little bit, putting them in more sparsely populated neighborhoods (if there is anyone around at all).

10th Mountain has awesome backcountry cabins!

Best Places to Stay in Aspen

Benedict Hut

Your closest neighbor would be a little further away such that you have a little room to feel alone with nature a bit more than you would if you were to get a place in downtown Aspen. Additionally, there are campgrounds in Aspen if you are interested in getting even more in touch with the mountains’ natural beauty.

Most campgrounds in the Aspen area are modernized so that you can be comfortable while you camp. Both of these backcountry options are awesome ways to enjoy the wonders of nature in the Aspen area more intimately on your vacation.

AirBnB Options

The latest trend in vacation boarding – AirBnB – is also available in Aspen. AirBnB’s come in many shapes, styles, and sizes so that you most likely could find something you desire rather quickly. The price range on AirBnB’s are pretty variable as well, meaning you may be able to find an awesome deal with the right amount of patience.

Check out all the AirBnB options in Aspen

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of AirBnB, let us give a short explanation. AirBnB is a company that provides a platform for property owners to post their places for short term stays (days or weeks at a time) for visitors. You will find options anywhere from just a single room to grandma’s quarters to whole houses up for rent. These rentals require barely any paperwork and are just about as simple as exchanging money for a place to stay can get. This simplicity makes them one of the best places to stay in Aspen.

Wrap Up

All told, you should be able to find an awesome place to stay in Aspen that fits your needs. Whether it be a hotel, a resort, or a house for rent, you can find an option that suits you and your party for the right price. Truly, the best places to stay in Aspen are what you make of them. The right combination of space, duration, and price should lead you to finding the perfect place for you to lay your head at night after a long day out on the mountain.

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