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Physical Therapy Redefined In Bozeman

Best Physical Therapy & Sports Performance In Bozeman.

Why do we do what we do? Because at the end of the day its about people.
When you walk into Physical Therapy Elite, you are not a number. You’re not just a patient. You are not alone in your injury. You will have a Team. A Community. A Tribe.

Bozeman, This is Physical Therapy Redefined:

Named The Best Manual Therapist in Bozeman, Montana, Physical Therapy Elite will treat the underlying problem, not just the symptoms. Relevant, evidence-based practices, are tailored to your specific needs. We are dedicated not only to seeing our patients get better at an accelerated rate, but rebuilding the layers so you STAY better!

Bozeman, This is Sports Performance Redefined:

Physical Therapy Elite is committed to building the “Whole Athlete.” That means getting to the science of building smarter muscles, restoring imbalanced bodies, maximizing power and biomechanic efficiencies – All to get you to Peak Performance!

Bozeman, This is Massage Therapy Redefined:

In order to relieve tense and tight muscles, soothe aching tendons and restore mobility to stiff joints – you need more than massage therapy. What you are looking for is called, Manual Therapy.

The term “sports massage” is often used to entice athletes who are looking for more than the typical “feel good” massage. We do not restrict ourselves to this definition as all of our bodywork is specific and applied in such a way as to produce therapeutic benefits. Athletes are pushing the limits of their body’s capabilities – therefore producing extensive toxic by-products and strain to their muscles and joints. As a manual therapist it is important to understand the demands of individual sports – the primary muscle groups, the repeated movement patterns, the endurance demands, and the effects of high intensity training on the body.


Find out more about the Best Physical Therapy in Bozeman, Physical Therapy Elite.


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