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Best Life Jackets for Jet Skis – Play hard, play safe

Jet skiing is best enjoyed above the surface of the water and our comprehensive list of the best life jackets for jet skis will help you do just that. To enjoy jet skiing, you are going to want to be able to wear a comfortable, agile life jacket that still provides that much needed safety that is required by law. For this reason, you need to find a jacket that is light enough to let you move around and enjoy your riding but will still float you in case of emergency. We’ve made sure to include options on the higher and lower ends of price so that you can make your best decision when it comes to the best life jackets for jet skis.

Best Life Jackets for Jet Skis

What To Look For

When looking at life jackets for jet skis, the jackets you are looking for are the kind that are also used by wakeboarders and water skiers. You should be on the lookout for several different characteristics.

The jacket needs to be made with materials that are flexible. Some life jackets are of poor quality when it comes to comfort so this is something that we are definitely keeping in mind. Why buy a life jacket that you hate wearing? The materials also need to be light yet durable so that we can have a jacket that doesn’t weigh us down and survives the water and sun. Lastly, the materials need to not irritate the skin. Chafing can turn a great day on the water into a bad time.

CGA vs. Comp Life Jackets

We also need to be aware of the two major styles of life jacket: Coast Guard Approved (CGA) and competition (comp). CGA jackets are basic life jackets used my most people out on the water. They are bulkier than competition jackets for the purpose of providing a bit more buoyancy. Comp jackets are thinner, more flexible jackets that are used in wakeboarding or skiing competitions because of the added flexibility and lightness of the jackets. CGA jackets are cheaper and meant for more general use while comp jackets are utilized best by professional athletes and serious performers.

Best Life Jackets for Jet Skis

O’Neill Wake Waterski Men’s Superlite USCG VestBest Life Jackets for Jet Skis

The first entry on our list is also the cheapest ($40) option for new jet skiers. (While this version of the product is a men’s size, women’s sizes are also available.) The buoyancy of this vest comes from the closed cell PVC marine foam contained within its panels. The substance is great for maximizing buoyancy while minimizing bulkiness.

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Superlite Highlights

  • USCG Approved Vest
  • Closed cell PVC marine foam for optimal buoyancy while minimizing bulk
  • Coated Polyester Shell
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Quick release buckles

This CGA vest is made of 3 panels, one on the back and two for the sides that wrap around the front of the body. The jacket is held together by three buckles that are easily clipped and unclipped for taking on and off for a long day on the water. The straps connected to the buckles are adjustable in order to fit different body shapes. With a coated polyester shell, this jacket will be soft and comfortable.

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While out jet skiing, you will want to be afforded this flexibility and comfort in order to enjoy fun on the water unimpeded. Weighing in at 3.2 pounds, this jacket may not be the lightest on the market, but will serve its purpose of saving your life in a jam.

Sporting a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, this vest is sure to show a great value to you while keeping you safe and out of trouble with the law. This makes it one of the best life jackets for jet skis.

Best Life Jackets for Jet Skis

O’Brien Traditional Neo Life Men’s VestBest Life Jackets for Jet Skis

Next on our list is an O’Brien vest made with a neoprene outer layer for that dry, light, secure wetsuit feeling. Many jetskiers prefer neoprene vests for the same reasons that surfers love them. They can provide extra warmth without any chafing.

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The neoprene on this jacket also gives it a sleek style that looks great out on the water. It can also be found in four different colors to suit your desired style. Neoprene is also extremely durable so this vest could last you a lifetime of comfort out on the water. For security, this vest has a zip up from belt buckle to chest opening as well as two buckles across the stomach.

Best Life Jackets for Jet SkisNeo Highlights

  • Neoprene outer construction for a comfortable fit and feel
  • Zip closure and 2 belts hold the vest securely in place
  • Vest won’t get in the way of your movement
  • USCG approved

The vest will fit snugly while affording the wearer full movement of their body. Specifically made for comfort, this vest is designed for use all day long while allowing full freedom to the person wearing it. This jacket is also very light at 1.9 pounds, something that you will appreciate while wearing during an especially long day out on the water.

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Fair warning: a common complaint with these jackets is that they run too small. However, those that do end up purchasing the right size end up loving these jackets. As one of the best life jackets for jet skis, this CGA jacket is of great quality, style, and safety. (Again, women’s sizes are available.)

Best Life Jackets for Jet Skis

Liquid Force Flex Comp Vest 2017Best Life Jackets for Jet Skis

For the best life jackets for jet skis, look no further than the Liquid Force Flex comp vest 2017. Built for extreme watersport athletes, this vest is the ultimate in flexibility since it is built with 38 strategically placed cuts that allow the vest to flex in every direction. This comp vest is made of Flex-Span Neoprene that fits like another set of skin.

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The foam of the vest is also incredibly high tech. PVX foam is used in this vest which offers Liquid Force’s most lightweight, softest, stretchiest, and most flexible floatation foam. Since this jacket is specifically designed with high intensity competition in mind, the foam is also great for absorbing high impacts. The vest is also very visually appealing, adding flair to your jet skiing style. It’s even reversible for if you are feeling like having a new look.

Best Life Jackets for Jet SkisFlex Comp Highlights

  • Flex-Span neoprene makes the Flex super comfortable
  • Advanced 38-panel Flex-Architecture design means that your vest will move with you and won’t get in the way
  • PVX is lightweight, soft, stretchable and flexible for superior fit and feel
  • Minimal taper and maximum stretch
  • Reversible for new looks

Grab the Flex Comp on Amazon

The design of this vest makes it easy to put on and take off for those days on the water that feature a lot of action. Because this is a top of the line product, it comes at a higher price. At $120, this vest is pricey in the life jacket market but is actually moderately priced when it comes to comp vests. While these vests are most often seen being used during wakeboarding competitions, a Liquid Force Flex Comp Vest 2017 could be one of the best life jackets for jet skis. For the serious jet skier, this is definitely smart purchase.

Wrap Up

With these three options, you have a comprehensive list of the best life jackets for jet skiers. Each jacket is the best in its price range, offering the best in style, safety, and comfort.

O’Neill’s Wake Waterski Men’s Superlite USCG Vest is the cheapest but provides high value to the right buyer. This is a quality life jacket for a great price that has been received highly by the market.

Our neoprene clad member of the list, O’Brien Traditional Neo Life Men’s Vest, is another great value in the mid-price range. The vest is made of high quality materials and is highly regarded for its style and durability. Purchasers of this product would certainly be satisfied.

At the pricier end of the spectrum, Liquid Force’s Flex Comp Vest 2017 is an awesome buy for the right user. The product is meant for the most extreme use out on the water – although it could certainly be used by the Sunday boater if they liked. High durability, excellent style, and a serious lack of weight are all hallmarks of this Liquid Force vest.

No matter who you are, a vest is a vital part of fun out on the river, lake, or ocean and only the best vests made it onto this list. See you out on the water!



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