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Best Base Layer for Skiing

Get ready for a mega-list, folks! And it’s an important one! Because we all know what it’s like to feel that brisk cold. Now, just imagine that you have set out for a lovely day of skiing when you realize: You hate your base layer. Maybe it just isn’t warm enough for your particular tastes. Perhaps you don’t like its wicking abilities. Or maybe you just don’t like the fabric for whatever reason. We feel you. These are all valid complaints and issues that need to be resolved immediately. The best base layer of skiing that you can find isn’t going to ruin your day by making you uncomfortable. In fact, you may come to love some of the base layer options that we have on here so much that you look forward to putting on your base layer to start off every day’s adventuring. So, like we said, this one is an important one so pay attention!

[H2] – What to Consider

When you’re going to get yourself a nice base layer, there is a lot to consider despite the fact that this is a pretty low tech piece of equipment. Your all day comfort is at stake here! We don’t want to be getting lazy and just grabbing the first item off the rack. This kind of lack of care could lead you to being uncomfortable and poking and prodding at your abdomen trying to get that little more comfort for an entire on the mountain. So, let’s think about some of the characteristics that we want to find on our base layer.

First, we need think about the styling that our base layer can have. While you may be into trends and staying “hip to the groove” or whatever it is kids say these days, that’s not what we mean. We are talking about the actual type of shirt. Do you prefer crew necks? Maybe you fancy zip ups. Is a big collar your whim? Who knows, but we tried to bring a diverse group of options here so that you can make the best decision for your particular style preferences. Your base layer is the one that actually goes on your skin, after all, so there’s no use in creating a list of crew necks when you just can’t stand them right? So, in this way, we’re making sure the best base layer for skiing for you is right here on this page.

Second, we want to make sure the material that we are getting our shirt made of is top notch in both quality, effectiveness, and comfort. We took care of the quality portion with our research so don’t feel like you have to spend a bunch of time there. But things get more preferential when we look at effectiveness and comfort. As far as effectiveness goes, you might be totally convinced that some brands just aren’t effective. Sounds good to use, move onto the next one. You might not like the wicking of a certain type of fabric. Perfect, we’ve got plenty of options here. And then, as far as comfort goes, that’s a whole discussion in itself. Only you know what you think feels right on your skin so go ahead and stay picky in that regard.

Now that we’ve covered all the bases (Ha, get it?) that we need to with discussing what we’re looking for on this list, let’s jump right into our best base layer for skiing options that we love – and that we know you will love.

Ladies: A quick note for you. We’ve got all men’s products listed here. Sorry. But there are women’s versions of all of these base layers so we aren’t skimping on you! The best base layer for skiing for women is here, too. It just might take another click or two to get to your version of these products.

[H1] – Best Base Layer for Skiing

[H2] – IceBreaker Men’s Everyday Long Sleeve Crewe Top

First up on this list is Icebreaker’s basic long sleeve crew neck shirt. This top is made of the tried and true Merino wool that the industry has come to know and love. This fabric is warm like traditional wool but completely not itchy like traditional wool. So that’s nice. It also controls heat to keep you at a perfectly nice temperature without being too hot or cold. At the end of the day, it maintains its shape, wicks moisture, and dries fast giving you the opportunity to wear your new Icebreaker clothing option every day. And to make sure that you stay comfortable while you wear it, the seams on this top are designed to keep from being annoying. The flatlock seams prevent chafing which is obviously huge considering how uncomfortable that can be. And the forward facing side seams keep the fabric from digging in and chafing there, too. The raglan sleeves are close and comfortable fitting – and they look pretty darn slick, honestly. So, altogether, what we have here is a comfortable, warm, nice looking crew neck option that makes it a candidate for the best base layer for skiing. Looks like we solved your problems pretty quick today. It only took reading through one entry on a list.

[H2] – Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Evo Long Sleeve Compression Mock

You probably know Under Armour as the sporting goods giant that they are –but may have never considered them as an option for creating the best base layer for skiing around. But that’s no bother because our research as pointed us here. The fabric of these top is a proprietary technology that is Under Armour’s all their own and, man, is it powerful. The dual-layer fabric keeps you extra warm and the brushed interior coupled with the fast-drying exterior gives this shirt every characteristic needed for having a plus time on the mountain. Despite its warming thickness, it is still lightweight and regulates your core body temperature for maximum comfort. And just to add to this comfort, the flatlock seams keep themselves smooth to keep from chafing. As an added bonus, this particular top will stay tight to your body to provide enhanced muscle support and increased circulation to keep you stronger for longer. Leave it to Under Armour to change your riding just by giving you a nice shirt. All of this put together makes for a base layer that is worthy of both our consideration and yours, making it a very insightful option for the sport minded rider.

[H2] – ColdPruf Men’s Platinum Dual Layer Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top

Next up is a ColdPruf product that you’re going to love. This imported, tagless garment provides an outstanding option for all day comfort out on the mountain starting off with the materials it is made of. On the inside, it has 100% CPT Performance Polyester, pointing to a product that is built specifically for your movement. On the outside, we’ve got 70% Polyester and 30% Merino wool, giving us a top that knows how to wick away moisture while still being soft and comfortable as well as holding in heat. And just to prove this “holding in heat” point to you, ColdPruf has labeled this shirt, using their Thermachoice System, as a top for very cold to extreme cold weather at medium to high activities. Even if we weren’t smarter than the average bear, we would realize this: This top is made for skiing. The shirt also has an extended tail to keep your backside covered up while you are bouncing around on the slopes or at home bending to take off your boots. The ring spun yarns are exceptionally soft and the SILVADUR Intelligent Freshness technology woven into the shirt keeps odors away for the end of the day relaxation in the cabin. Now, we’re not saying that all of these features piled into one shirt make this the best base layer for skiing out there but we’re thinking it makes a pretty good case by itself, doesn’t it?

[H2] – Helly Hansen Men’s HH Dry Stripe Base Layer Crew

This next best base layer for skiing is an option that we really like. It strikes a balance between a lot of different styles that sort of position it in the middle of everything else we have here. It’s made of polypropylene so you know it’s going to keep you warm. And the Life Stay Dry Technology is going to keep you dry. The flatlock stitching is going to keep you from chafing just like most of the other options on this list and the lightweight fabric is non-itch and allergy neutral. So what makes this shirt different? Well, for one thing, it has a sweet design running up the sleeves and shoulder line that make it look pretty snazzy. For another thing, the cuffs of the shirt have elastic inside to keep the shirt in place as well as lock in any heat that would be escaping. And the last thing that it goes for $20. How we can we complain with that? For such a low price, you could be looking at the best base layer for skiing as far as your wallet is concerned and still be getting top notch quality like the rest of what is on this list.

[H2] – Smartwool Men’s NTS Mid 250 Zip T

Now it’s time for our first zip up to make the list. Coming from the minds at Smartwool, this 100% Merino wool option is something to be wowed by. Just keep in mind that this zip up is a slim fit style so it may not fit our broadly shouldered brethren. As you already know, the Merino wool is going to keep you dry just as well as it keeps you warm and the interlock knitting will only accentuate this strength. The 10” inch front zipper gives you the option to hold in all the heat during the coldest of times but also to open things up for when you’re starting to melt yourself. Unzipping the top will both bring the collar away from your neck and open up the chest area for some breathability and an opportunity to cool down. Another interesting feature of this zip up is the shoulder area, where Smartwool has introduced panels instead of seams to completely do away with any chance of chafing there. Coming in a variety of colors, this product is the best base layer for skiing if you want to add some versatility to your ability to stay hot and cold.

[H2] – The North Face Warm LS Zip Neck

Back to back zip ups, are we crazy?! No – at least not for this reason. North Face is an outdoor gear giant that probably belongs on any list for outdoor clothing. So, it’s only appropriate to have them here on our list for the best base layer in skiing. This essential base layer is “next-t-skin” fit, meaning that it is meant to fit somewhat snugly on an average sized body. It isn’t slim fit but it certainly isn’t loose. It’s got that moisture-wicking technology that we all need from our base layer and the sleeves are made with a little extra length to make sure that they stay down around your wrist no matter what you do during the day. The mock neck keeps your neck warm when the half-zip on the front is completely utilized but can be backed off with some unzipping. And, of course, North Face isn’t going to miss the opportunity to reduce chafing by adding in flat-locked seams. So, the story here is, just like you would expect out of North Face, they have made one of the best base layer for skiing options, especially in the zip up category, with this sweater. If you want to invest in quality, The North Face is a great idea.

[H2] – WoolX Men’s Merino Wool Shirt

This WoolX shirt has about as many features packed into a long sleeve as you could possible ask for. It’s made of the same 100% Merino wool that many of the tops on here are made of but has a lot more going for it than just that. Its interlocking knit is designed for the extreme cold, including windy conditions. The Merino wool, as always, has that moisture wicking quality that we have come to know and love with that added benefit of odor suppression. And, of course, it’s soft and no itch as could be. But what really sets this shirt apart is the fact that the cuffs feature thumbholes to add that warming to not just your body but also your hands. This type of attention to detail extends to the tagless design and underarm gussets that ensure full range of motion. And, what’s more, WoolX has place a satisfaction guarantee on this item. You can return it simply because you aren’t that into it, no questions asked. We don’t really think this will be a problem because this is a list for the best base layer for skiing contenders, after all, but it’s a guarantee that we’re sure you wouldn’t mind having under your belt. If you’re going to go for some Merino wool, we recommend this base layer from WoolX.

[H2] – Tesla Thermal Wintergear Compression Baselayer

Here’s an interesting choice from a company that you thought made cars. Ha, not really. Different Tesla. But this one is still making a great product all the same. Tesla’s thermal shirts are designed for the most in warmth with their fleece lining. Talk about warm. The material of this shirt is 87% polyester and 13% spandex, making for a stretchy slim fit that feels really comfortable and smooth (Quick warning on that note: Tesla does recommend ordering up one size from what you normally wear). The elasticity is excellent and the range of motion is perfectly enhanced. The fabric is also moisture sensing for quick drying times and dryness during a full day’s use. And the two way air circulation that the material allows means you’ll still feel breathable and comfortable. No chafing or rashes here, folks, because these base layer shirts are smooth. The best part about this product? The price. They’re as little as $8. Seriously. But don’t be afraid that this means poor quality. The 4.6 out of 5 star rating that these shirts have on over 227 Amazon reviews can’t be a lie. So, if you’re looking for the best base layer for skiing on a budget, you have definitely found your match.

[H2] – Arc’teryx Phase AR Zip Neck Long Sleeve

Arc’teryx keeps innovating and brings us a base layer that you should find exciting. This zip up is all polyester and made of Next Gen Phasic AR fabric to be softer to the touch while providing even more stretch. It has exceptional moisture management and the zip neck gives you the ability to air out your body if you want to keep from getting too hot in the first place. Hybrid Mapping technology built into the shirt improves the thermal regulation of the top while still reducing bulk so things stay comfortable. And speaking of comfort, the updated style lines and improved fit of this piece of clothing scream comfort and fashion all at the same time. Just to add to the comfort of this top, the flatlock construction adds next to skin comfort that is hard to beat and all of the seams on this product are non-invasive. Kiss chafing goodbye.

[H2] – Minus33 Merino Wool Chocorua Midweight Crew

To finish up our last of the best base layer for skiing options that money can buy, we’ve got one last Merino wool option from Minus33. Like we said, tried and true Merino wool like you would love to write home to mama about for keeping in the heat that you want and getting rid of the sweat that you didn’t. This Merino wool has Easy Care technology so it’s machine washable and dryable while still being soft and comfy. And to add that much more comfort to the mix, this midweight option is designed for an excellent fit. Minus33 took the time to make sure that all sizes XS to 6XL (and even the tall sizes) have the right shapes and cuts to give you a premium fit at every size. And just to add to the thoughtfulness of the cuts, this shirt has flatlock seams that won’t rub or chafe over the course of a day’s riding. Minuss33 has been making high quality products since 2004 so this type of experience and reputation should speak to a level of worth that you can trust. In fact, Amazon reviewers of this product have almost unanimously called this shirt one of the best out there. For that reason, we’re willing to take a shot and say that this top is one of the best base layer for skiing choices, too.

[H2] – Wrap Up

So there you have it. That’s ten – yes, TEN – of the best base layer for skiing tops that are out there right now. Those of you who were paying attention noticed that there is a lot of Merino wool out there to go around. While we’re not saying that all Merino wool is created equal, we can say for certain that if you are a budget conscious individual that a mildly lesser Merino wool might still satisfy all of your fancies. Or perhaps it isn’t Merino wool at all that you like because you are more into those sport-minded, stretchy, fitted materials. That’s great, too! Because we’ve got them up there. A base layer that is tight to the skin can make you feel a little less poofy between all of your many layers and get you a little more freed up than some other options. All told, though, we all know that a great base layer can change your day out on the mountain and that everyone has their own preferences. That’s why we decided to keep things broad on our Best Base Layer for Skiing page, giving you plenty of options to fit plenty of likings. Hope you enjoyed our list and come back for more!

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