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Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards – 2017

The newest piece of gear you’ll see behind a wakeboat today is the wakesurf board. One part wakeboarding and one part surfing, wakesurfing takes the classic surfboard shape and throws it behind a wakeboat for a never ending wave of your dreams. This way, you get those great surfing vibes coupled up with the entertainment that comes with wakeboarding with friends. Be sure to check out our top choice for the best beginner wakesurf board on Amazon.

Check Out Our Top Choices

Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards

The Overall Winner

Liquid Force Slaysh

  • Triple stringer core for stability
  • EPS compression molded with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Fin boxes are incorporated into the stringers for a solid hold
Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards

The Best For Every Rider Winner

Hyperlite Landlock

  • Rolled edges for maximum stability that’s perfect for beginner wakesurfers
  • 3 removable fins let you customize the ride
  • Large stable platform
Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards

The Versatility Winner

Inland Surfer Tako

  • WoodLoc construction for superior durability
  • EPS core gives great float and reduces weight
  • Compression Edge

A ride on a wakesurf follows the same steps as a ride on a regular surfboard (get to the right part of the water and stand up) while utilizing wakeboarding movements (let a life jacket float you with your feet on the board and pop up). Some take to wakesurfing with different levels of ease but purchasing the right type of beginner board should be a good start for anybody. Here’s our shortlist for the best beginner wakesurf boards that are best to learn on.

What To Look For

There are two key characteristics of a wakesurf that will make it easier for a beginner to learn that both have to do with the way that you feel on your board.


First, we want to find a board that has a nice gripping surface so that it doesn’t slide out from under our feet too easily. This sure footing is certain to give us a little more confidence with our feet. With wakesurfing, half the battle is comfort and confidence so this extra bit of certainty with our feet could be the difference between learning and giving up.

On a wakesurf board, you will be looking for that same grippy EVA foam padding that you will find on a surfboard. Most models of wakesurfers have this foam on most of the surface of the board for just this purpose. So, surfers, you can leave your wax at home.

Surface Area

Also, we want to be sure that we get a board with a big surface area and adequate fins to offer us the most stable ride that we can get. Of course, there is some difficulty to riding a wakesurf but we can try to minimize the risk of falling by getting a nice, big board that wants to stay upright just as much as we do.


Fins will also play a huge role in keeping you standing. Without fins, a wakesurf board is pretty much a skimboard. The fins will help you stay upright by cutting through the water. Additionally, they will help you turn in a more stable fashion if you get comfortable enough to do so. So, we’ve searched for some longer, wider boards that have fins for you to learn on and added them to our shortlist of the best beginner wakesurf boards.

Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards

Liquid Force Slaysh Wakesurfer

First up on our list of the best beginner wakesurf boards is the Liquid Force Slaysh Wakesurfer coming in at $250. A fan favorite, this is the model that we would probably come up with if we were to design our own wakesurf board. With its “skimboard-esque”, oval shape, the surface area of this board is really big, offering you that stability that you are going to want as you learn to wakesurf.

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Additionally, the tail of this board is shaped in such a way that the water traveling beneath you and your board actually pushes you towards your center of gravity.  This board also features three fins to help you out from beneath the water for even more stability, as well as rails that are designed specifically for fighting the board from turning over.

LF Slaysh Highlights
  • Triple Stringer give the board rigidity at an economical price
  • EPS compression molded core, with fiberglass wrapped reinforcement
  • Soft outer construction, slick bottom PE base and soft PE top, for durability, impact resistance and injury prevention
  • Top deck has skived EVA for traction helping you to keep control better
  • Fin boxes are incorporated into the stringers for solid hold and zero fin flexing on turns

Buy the Slaysh on Amazon

To give your feet that nice, stable grip, this board has plenty of foam to give you a comfortable ride without the worry of slipping easily. The outer construction of this board was even built to be a bit softer for safety purposes, perfect for beginners. All told, this Liquid Force wakesurf board was built with learners in mind, earning it its spot on our list of best beginner wakesurf boards.

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board 2017

At $300, this Hyperlite model was certainly designed for beginner wakesurfers. This board is shaped more like a traditional surfboard in that familiar long but still wider shape with a rounded nose, thinner tail, and even rolled edges. It is clear just looking at this board’s profile that its designers were trying to create a big surface area for beginners to get a stable feel for wakesurfing.

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The stability of this board is added to by a three fin design that will surely aid with carving – or even just making a straight line. Another interesting feature of this board is its sort of two pronged tail. You can imagine this board moving through the water and how it would force water into the center of the board for even more smoothness as you learn the art of the wakesurf.

Check out our full Landlock review

Hyperlite Landlock Highlights
  • 5’9″ Length lets everyone in the boat get surfing in no time
  • Rolled edges for maximum stability that’s perfect for beginner wakesurfers
  • 3 removable fins let you customize the ride
  • Large stable platform
  • EVA foam pad gives extra grip for when you’re learning to carve and ride without the rope

See the Landlock on Amazon

This board also has that great EVA foam to give you a comfortable, non-slip ride that you are sure to love. Offering all of the standard features that a beginner wakesurf board needs to have with the traditional surfboard shape, it is no wonder that this board made it onto our list of best beginner wakesurf boards and should be up for your consideration.

Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards

Inland Surfer Tako Wakesurf Board

Touted as a best seller, last on our list is the $380 Inland Surfer board built for the essentials in performance for the novice wakesurfer. With a shape reminiscent of a skimboard, this model is certain to show you a good time. This skimboard shape will surely give you a smooth, easy ride because of its large surface area that will help you stay afloat as you try to earn your sea legs.

Check out more details on Amazon

Featuring the needed foam for keeping your feet on the board where they belong, this board offers everything that we need to start up our wakesurfing journey. However, this board offers more value past beginner levels.

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This board can be adjusted for single, double, or tri-fin setups. This means that all three fins can be utilized for beginners to get a more stable ride and then, as you graduate up to intermediate levels, you can start removing fins to start seeing if you can start learning tricks.

Inland Surfer Tako Features
  • WoodLoc construction for superior durability
  • EPS core gives great float and reduces weight
  • Compression Edge
  • ROCKET Rocker
  • STEPtech

Buy the Inland Tako on Amazon

With a great value, this Inland Surfer board is sure impress you and definitely belongs on our best beginner wakesurf board list.

With this list in hand, you are sure to find a board that you will see success on to begin your wakesurfing career. We made sure that the specifications of all of these boards are right for the beginner wakesurfer so that you don’t get frustrated and quit, all because of a poor board choice.

These boards all provide big surface areas to help you stay up above the water and having the time of your life. The fin setups on these boards are also best for beginners and will help you start to learn to carve up the water. And perhaps most importantly, we made sure that these boards all have that nice EVA foam top so that you don’t have to worry about slipping off your board in the middle of your ride.

Now all you need to do is to get out there and practice! And here’s a bonus first tip for successful wakesurfing: Have fun!








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